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Friday, January 31, 2014

Never Ask A Six Year Boy For An Honest Opinion

Never ask a 6-year old boy for an honest opinion lest you want to hear the brutal truth.  One just never knows what's going to come out of the babe's mouth.

Ben has been home since yesterday due to illness.  Thankfully, he's fever-free today but he has the occasional head pain.  He feels well enough for me to run a couple of errands. 

I told Ben to get his coat and shoes ready while I went to put some make-up on.

Ben: Make-up?
Me: Yes.
Ben: Where is it?
Me: In the bathroom.  Should I go put it on?
Ben: Yeah.
Me: Do I really need to get pretty?
Ben: Yeah, where is it?  

Oh, the honesty! 

Having a six year boy in our home, there's never a dull moment here. He's just so full of it today.  His daddy called him earlier today to check on him.  Daddy must have asked him about his headache.  I could see Ben roll his eyes and then he said "Daddy, I don't have a headache, my head just hurts sometimes."  Huh.

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