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Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Conversation With Ben About Guinea Pig Reproduction

Recently, we acquired a guinea pig.  She's a sweet thing, too.  The kids and I are enjoying watching her and holding her.  She really is a cute and fun critter.

Today Ben (6 years) asked to hold her after he finished his homework.  Of course, I said.  I had him sit on the chair and I placed the guinea pig on a towel on Ben's lap. He was petting her and talking to her while I was warding off my dog, Dugan, who happens to be a serial bunny killer.  Of course Ben, being the inquisitive one of all things reproduction, had to start a conversation about just that, reproduction.  Again.  

Ben: How many days when she has the babies?
Me: Um, she isn't going to have any babies.
Ben:  Why?
Me: Well... because there isn't a daddy.
Ben:  Can we get a daddy?
Me: No, I don't want any baby guinea pigs.
Ben: Why does there have to be a daddy to have babies?
Me: Um... Hmm...

I was trying to think of a simple answer that a 6 year old boy would understand.  But thankfully, the day was saved by Jackie when she informed Ben that it's a sin to have babies without a daddy.  I don't know where my daughter is learning that.   But she's got the right idea of what I would prefer for her future, sin or not.  

And thankfully, Ben was satisfied with her answer. 

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