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Friday, December 13, 2013

One Year Ago Today...

It's hard to believe that it's already been a year since I had my life-changing surgery.  Not only do I feel better physically, but it also helped to boost my self-esteem.  I don't feel like such a freak now, either.  My back and shoulder pain is much improved and I no longer feel like I'm suffocating from all that weight I carried around on my chest for so long. 

The surgery was something that I had long considered and when I finally decided to pursue it, it turned into a 3-year battle with three attempts through my insurance coverage.  The third attempt was the charm.  I think it also helped that this last surgeon really advocated for me and worked hard to get my insurance to cover the procedure.  He agreed that it was truly a medical necessity, especially considering my body size v. breast size.  I feel like I owe my life to Dr. Reid and I was very sad when he moved away from this area.  He is definitely a top-notch doctor with a great bedside manner, too.  I wasn't just a number to him. He treated me with nothing but kindness and compassion.  His nurse was the same way.  

It feels so good to be able to wear just one sport bra to work out, run, or do Zumba.  It's such a nice feeling to be able to pick out a cute bra off the rack for less than $20.  Gone are the days of having to pay $60+ for a bra at a specialty store.  My clothes fit so much better and I no longer feel the need to adjust my clothes constantly to try to hide myself.  I can breathe better.  I can see my belly now and it's bigger than I ever realized (those old ones were good for at least that!). The dents in my shoulders rarely hurt and they are no longer bright red.  My posture is improved, too.  Shoot, even before I left the hospital after my surgery, I felt so much lighter.

This past summer, I was finally able to enjoy taking my children to the beach without feeling like I needed to cover up my swimsuit with a shirt.  I didn't feel like people, men and women alike, were staring at me.  I felt "normal" for a change. 

I'll never understand why some women pay thousands of dollars to be so large-breasted.  It's not comfortable, at all.  But to each, her own. I remember as a young girl when my breasts started to grow (they were normal size back then), I dreaded it.  Even when I graduated high school, I was considered average bra size but I looked large because I was so thin, less than 100 pounds.  (Oh, to have those days back). Having children, unfortunately, caused me to develop macromastia. 
Before I went in for surgery, I told a few of my friends (who I knew would be supportive) so they could pray for me.  I am an anxious person and my anxiety level leading up to the surgery was a bit high.  I really believe that because of the prayers and support of those friends, my recovery went so well.  I had very little post-op pain after 48 hours passed.  I felt so good that I had to keep reminding myself to take care and not overdo it.  A huge thanks goes to my surgeon, Dr. Reid, as he took great care of me not only before the surgery, but during and afterward, too.  

Having the breast-reduction surgery truly has been life-changing and because of that, I am much more open about having had it done because I want to be an inspiration for others who are in need of or are considering having it done.  I read that this type of surgery has one of the highest satisfaction rates and I am a true believer in that. I am definitely one very satisfied patient. 


Kathi said...

Well said! If you would have thrown a couple (ok, a lot) of typos in there and added Dr.Abell (my PS) , I'd have thought I wrote it myself... Only thing I would add would be..... This past year I've seen more pictures of women's breast than I'd ever imagined possible. Amazingly, I still enjoy seeing before and after shots and rejoice with each "girl" as she crosses over from pre to post op.

Samantha said...

Kathi, I love reading and hearing about others' experiences, too. Only those of us who have been in our shoes would truly understand our joy.