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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Jackie Sang Her First Solo Today!

I am so very proud of Jackie.  I always knew she had a talent for singing even as a toddler.  She sang on key most of the time.  I used to sing to her all the time when she was a baby so perhaps that is how she knew how to stay on pitch. 

 Knowing how much she loves music but would more than likely struggle with playing an instrument due to the motor coordination required, I started early on to encourage her vocal talent.  I also encouraged her to be a part of the children's choir at church.  Jackie tends to be a little bit shy in front of crowds (she's too much like me) but she enjoyed being part of the choir.  

A couple of months, Jackie had the opportunity to audition for a solo.  When Jackie told me about it, I encouraged her to audition.  I admittedly was doubtful that Jackie would even be considered for several reasons, one of those being how shy and quiet Jackie can be.  As good as Jackie can sing, she sings very softly.  When Jackie told me that she got a solo part, I was surprised but so happy for her. 
As the time got closer, Jackie started to get anxious.  I encouraged Jackie and told her that I knew she could do it.  I have to admit that I was afraid that she would get so nervous and have stage fright.  Well, tonight, Jackie proved that she could do it.  I could tell by her face that she was so nervous but she nailed it.  It took everything in me to hold back tears of joy for her.  I was one proud mom.  I still tear up when I watch the video.  I am so, SO, proud of my baby girl.  She is such an inspiration to me.  And by the way, in case you don't know, she does have mild to moderate hearing loss in both of her ears but that didn't stop my baby from being gifted with such a beautiful, angelic voice.

I hope you enjoy this video.  You do not need a Facebook account to view this: Jackie's solo.

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