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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Talk About ADD...

I nearly got myself arrested today. I'm blaming it on my jacket, which I had draped over my arm.

So today, I went to the mall to look for a winter coat for Ben because he keeps complaining that his other one is too big.  Even though the tag shows the correct size, I have to agree that his current coat is a bit big.  So, I found a coat that was on sale at the first store I went to but I decided to check a couple of other stores before I made a final decision.

Since I had a coupon from Victoria's Secret for a free product, I headed over that way next.  Then I made my way over to JCPenney.  I felt like that little kid on Family Circus as I meandered around to several other stores, including Children's Place, Crazy 8's, and Sears.  

Sears is where the trouble started.  I got distracted when I saw a rack of cute puffy vests.  I tried one on and decided to think about it while I checked out the children's section for coats.  I spent several minutes looking around that department before I decided to head back to Macy's to get the coat that was on sale there.  I left Sears and headed toward Macy's and on my way, I had to fend off an annoying salesperson trying to sell me some little back vibrator thing.  I was almost to Macy's when I looked down at my arm, where I still had my jacket draped, and was horrified to see that I had just shoplifted from Sears.  That darn puffy vest.  My heart started to race thinking that, surely, security is trying to track me down so they can arrest me.  How embarrassing would that be? So, as I walked fast, trying not to run, I again had to fend off that annoying salesperson as I headed back to Sears. Can you say short-term memory?  Because she obviously forgot that I had just passed her just 30 seconds earlier.  

So, out of breath and with my heart racing, I get back to Sears and proceed to the nearest register and plopped the vest on the counter to pay for it.  I was shaking a little bit, too, as I explained to the cashiers what I had just done.  One of them chuckled and said that she had done the same thing before.  Oh, good, I wasn't alone.  So, I pay and head back toward Macy's and once again, as I head toward there, that annoying saleslady with the short-term memory problem tried to push her product on me again.  Ugh. I get to Macy's and go to pay for the coat.  The cashier asked me if I wanted to use my Macy's charge card. I have one of those but I almost always stick to using my bank card. because I don't want a bunch of credit cards racked up with debt. When the cashier said that I could save an additional 10% on top of the sale price, I thought about if for a moment, then said sure.  She looked up my account and before I knew it, she had the coat in a bag, handed me the receipt, and told me to have a good day.  I didn't swipe anything and I didn't sign anything so I asked the cashier if I actually paid for it to which she replied that everything was complete.  Okay.  Everything was done so quickly, like less than a minute.  The receipt shows the transaction was complete but the trauma of nearly being arrested has me a bit paranoid now.  So, now I'm just waiting for the law to show up at my door.

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