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Friday, November 1, 2013

Precious Moments With My Son

Ben has a tendency to wake up in the middle of the night and either crawl into bed with me and Tim.  Or if I'm still awake, he will curl up next to me and go back to sleep.  Then after about 15 minutes, I'll lay him back in his bed. I'm okay with that as I enjoy providing comfort to my children.  
However, if either of my children decide to be wide awake late at night, MY quiet time, I am easily annoyed.  A couple of weekends ago was an exception.  Ben had woken up around midnight, just as I was getting ready to head to bed, and he joined me on the couch.  He tossed and turned like he was trying to go back to sleep but within minutes, he was wide awake. He then moved over to the chair and began a conversation.  It turned out to be such a precious time between me and my son.  
Ben started out by telling me that Jesus died a looong time ago. "Yes, I said, "a very long time ago."  Ben then shared how Jesus rose after 3 days.  Then he told me that Jesus was in a cave.  The part about the cave made me chuckle.  Then I said, "yes, a tomb."  Ben continued to share what he learned at church.  I was so impressed.  I did not realize how much Ben was listening and retaining what he was learning at church.  He continues to amaze me.  When children have such a severe speech disorder such as what Ben had (and still struggles with) along with sensory disorders, it's difficult to gauge how much they are taking in because they are unable to adequately share what they are learning.  I always knew Ben was very intelligent, though.  I am so proud of my little boy.  He has made so much progress in the last year and a half.  He's doing very well in Kindergarten and has become quite a popular little boy.  He has lots of friends who don't seem to care that he's difficult to understand at times.  

Since I'm on the topic of my son, I just have to share some recent stories about him because not only can he be so precious, but he can also be a very funny little boy.  As I said, Ben often wakes up late at night/middle the night.  One night, not too long ago, he came into the living room where I was still awake and listening to music while reading.  He curled up next to me for several seconds before he climbed up onto the back of the sofa and promptly fell asleep.  How did I know he wasn't faking?  Well, he started to snore within a couple of minutes after positioning himself on the couch like a cat. Here's the proof: 

Ben is such a sweet boy.  A couple of nights ago, as I was tucking him into bed, Ben told me that I looked skinny.  Aww!  I certainly wish that was the case but since I've actually gained 10 pounds in the past year, Ben earned some extra points with me.  I almost wanted to give back his toys that were in time out due to Ben's bad behavior a couple of days ago.  But I resisted the temptation.   
One might ask why Ben's toys were in time out.  Ben has had a problem with hitting and biting in the past.  And it goes beyond just being a boy.  The victim is almost always his sister with me being his occasional victim.  This past week, Ben lost a few of his toys to time out and he was not happy about it.  At. All.  In fact, he was quite violent a few days ago when I took his toys.  After school that day, I talked to Ben, again, and explained how hitting his sister hurts not only her but his parents and his friends.  I told him his friends won't like having a friend who hits girls, especially in front of said friends.  I then told him that we're going to keep track of the days that he is nice all day and has not hit.  Ben just finished day 2 of his goal and he is so proud of himself.  He keeps reminding me how he's been nice to everyone.  He really wants those toys back.  He'll get one back if he can go for 5 days without hitting.  I'm so proud of him because he has not gone a single day without hitting at least once. 

I know that despite the hitting, Ben loves his sister.  He often will go to her for comfort if I'm not available.  He misses her when she's not home.  He thinks of her when he gets a little treat from somebody else.  He always tries to snag an extra treat for Jackie.  Ben really is a very sweet, thoughtful little boy. But there are some things that, just like me and Tim, he does not tolerate very well.  Like Jackie's dramatic meltdowns.

Ben is also a very sensitive little guy.  A couple of weeks ago, I subbed at the kids' school. At lunchtime, Ben saw me in the hallway where he was waiting in line with his class.  He saw me and said "hi mum".  I smiled, waved, and said "hi".  As we parted ways, Ben suddenly looked down in a shy manner and gave me a shy wave goodbye.  I couldn't help but chuckle that my son had suddenly become shy with me.  At dinner that night, I was telling Tim about this and Tim got tickled and started to chuckle.  Then Ben left the table and went running to his room and shut the door behind him.  I figured he would be back out in no time.  But 5 minutes passed and no Ben.  So, I went to his room where Ben was hiding behind his bed. I told Ben that we missed him and that we wanted him to come back.  He yelled at me because he thought we were laughing AT him.  I tried to explain how we were not laughing AT him but that we were laughing at his cuteness.  He didn't quite understand how cute could also be funny.  But he did come back out to join us.  He's such a sensitive little guy.  I just love him so!  And I'm looking forward to sharing these stories with his own family one day.

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