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Friday, November 1, 2013


Eight nights ago, on October 23, our little rescue dog, Daisy went missing.  I feel terrible about.  We still have not found her.  I wonder where she is, if she's safe, or if she's just enjoying her freedom.

We adopted Daisy this past February as a companion for our other dog, who was grieving the loss of our beloved Lucy who had died just a couple of months prior.  Daisy was a very timid, easily frightened little dog.  Over the past few months, she started to come out of her shell but she was still very easily frightened.  We never heard her bark.  We never even heard her whine until 3 weeks ago when we came back home from a funeral in Florida.  Daisy whined with excitement that we were home.  I was thrilled to finally hear that she had a voice!  She was really starting to become a real member of our family.

After Daisy slipped out through an open door last week, I went searching for her right away.  I looked all over our neighborhood.  I put word out on several pages on Facebook.  I filled out a form online with Lost Dogs Illinois.  I searched until 1:00 am that night.  We still have not found her.  One thing that gives me hope is that I have not found her body as I scan the roadsides while I'm driving around.  One thought that comes to my mind is that perhaps somebody found her and decided to keep her despite the fact that Daisy has a tag on and she's microchipped.  She acts like an abused dog so perhaps that person thought she is abused and decided to "protect" her.  Another thought is that maybe the neighbors who don't like us have her.  They have quite a collection of dogs over there.  If that's the case, then I know she'll be safe because even though they may not care for a lot of people, they do care about animals.  I'll give them that much credit.  

Whenever I read or see reunions between long-lost pets and their families, my hope rises.  Perhaps that will be us one day.  I don't know.  I just have to continue to pray that she is safe somewhere.  I miss her terribly, though.  In fact, I got so used to her keeping me company in the bathroom when I would shower and I really miss that.  Please help me by continuing to pray that she is found safe and sound. 

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