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Sunday, September 8, 2013

On the Topic Of Church Membership... Again

I just don't get why it's such a big deal that I am not a member of the church that I currently attend with my family.  Tim and Jackie are members but I have not felt the desire to become a member.  Somebody whom I have a lot of respect for recently explained their perspective on it, which helped me to better understand the idea of becoming a member of one church.  This was after I wrote about how several people have asked me why I'm not a member. 

This morning, I went to an informational meeting about a children's camp that Jackie will be old enough for next summer.  Jackie knows about this camp because she has heard other kids talk about it and has seen pictures of this past year's camp.  Jackie talks about it all the time and has been looking forward to finally being old enough to go.  I am excited for Jackie as this will give her the opportunity to learn more about her faith, have fun for five days without her pesky younger brother, and most of all, make new friends.  Jackie also wants me to be a chaperone.  I feel honored that she wants me to join her on the adventure and I would love to be a chaperone.  However, my excitement for Jackie was dimmed for a fleeting moment when one of the organizers (I assume) mentioned that I need to be a church member to be a chaperone.  That would be the only thing that could potentially hold me back from joining my sweet girl on her first non-family venture away from home.  If that happens, then I'll go on my own and stay somewhere else close-by so I can be close to my baby girl.  Beside, the idea of my baby being 300 miles away (or however far it is) without family causes me a good bit of anxiety.  No matter, I will still participate with Jackie in the planned fundraisers that will help to keep camp costs to a minimum. 

As far as becoming a member, once again, I am not ready to make that commitment.  I do not want to feel forced into making a commitment.  I want my motivation, if there ever is one, to be the right one for becoming a church member.  The more people try to push the idea of membership on me, I feel more resistant.  It pushes me further away from the idea of it.  If I do it, I will do it on my own time.  I'm attending church with my family and that's what should matter most to those people right now. 

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