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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Just Some Random Thoughts

Recently, I've been having some random thoughts.  My mind often works that way.  My children have unfortunately inherited that trait.  I know a lot of young people who are home-schooled and they are some of the smartest, some of the best-mannered people I've met.  I think home-schooling is great but it's not for everybody.  However, I got to thinking about this and just found it interesting the number of home-schooled people who go to college to become teachers.  Interesting.

As if my random thoughts couldn't be any more bizarre, not too long ago, I thought with all the controversy surrounding gun laws that surely blind people wouldn't really care either way.  After all, if somebody is blind, they can't see the target.  Right?  Well, as it turns out, the state of Iowa has been issuing gun permits to the blind.  The proof is HERE.  I'm sure the blind folks are lining up for their gun permits as we speak. 

Now I'm wondering how many blind people have joined the NRA?

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