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Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Beautiful Day

Today was so beautiful and the weather was perfect for a family bike ride.  I actually didn't want to go initially because I was so tired after a late night last night meeting up with a friend for a drink and then having to be at church this morning at 8:00 to practice a skit.  My body was yearning for a nap.  However, Jackie wasn't going to go without me so off we all went to go riding.  

I don't know how many miles we rode but I was very impressed that Jackie was a trooper to ride for so long and with just a handful of complaints.  Of course, the stop at McD's for ice-cream was an incentive for her, too.  I would guess that we rode somewhere between 8 and 10 miles total.  
We followed the bike trail through lots of neighborhoods, around several parks, and through some wooded areas.  We stopped briefly at a skate park so Ben can show off his budding BMX skills. (Daddy bought him a BMX bike last summer).   We stopped for a few moments to observe some dogs at a dog park.  We encountered several different critters including groundhogs and badgers.  We stopped at McD's for ice-cream and a much needed break for Jackie.  

Jackie tends to lag a little bit behind on activities such as walking and bike riding.  I don't want to blame it solely on her CP (although it is a factor) because she also gets side-tracked so easily.  Plus, even though she has been riding on a 2-wheeler for over a year now, she is still a little unsteady sometimes.  So, for the first part of the ride, I stayed back with Jackie.  On the second part of the ride, Ben and I rode ahead of Jackie and Tim. And was it ever a work-out.  (I hate to say it but when Jackie rides along with me, it is not a work out). I loved it.  Going up some of those hills were challenging and at one point, even my little Ben had to walk his bike up one of the hills after he couldn't keep up with me.  (He was NOT very pleased with me).  Going down the hills around the twists and turns was THRILLING! And Ben was in heaven on those.  He is such a dare-devil on his bike and scooter. 
This was the first time that I have gone on the bike trail with the kids and Tim.  I'm usually cleaning house, cooking dinner, or busy with something else when Tim takes the kids there.  I enjoy riding my bike but I mostly ride around the neighborhoods here.  

It was the perfect weather for riding the trail today and I'm so glad that I didn't let my tired body overrule. There were some really beautiful parts of the trail, too.  I also enjoyed riding past some of the historic homes, even the ramshackle ones.  It was just so perfect today and so enjoyable.  Just perfect. I will be doing this again soon.

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