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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Only Christian Music Allowed Now

On Saturdays, as I'm cleaning around the house, we have what I call music appreciation day.  In other words, the TV is off.  OFF! For awhile, my children balked at that idea but now they're so used to it, if I'm trying to get a lot of stuff done, Ben will say "listen to music". Ben has also been known to say "listen to music" if he can sense that I'm stressed or upset about something.  He cracks me up about that.  

So last weekend was no exception. I like a variety of music, as long as I can understand it.  No head-banging stuff or rap.  I put in a few CDs in the player and started doing stuff around the house.  A couple of the CDs were Francesca Battistelli, one was a Carpenter's cd, and another was an Adele cd.  Jackie loves Adele and she seems to enjoy some of the other music we listen to around here.  On this day, Francesca's CDs ended up being the first ones to play before Adele's cd began.  By the 2nd song on Adele's cd, Jackie asked if it was christian music.  No, I replied.  Jackie looked at me and in a serious but somewhat shy tone, she informed me that she wanted to listen to christian music only. What?!  I was taken aback by this.  I asked her if I should switch out the Adele cd and she said yes.  Seriously!  So, I replaced the remaining CDs with some other christian music. And Jackie was happy as she began to sing along to the lyrics. Jackie memorizes lyrics very easily, too.

So, it's been christian music only for Jackie which is actually okay.  Including the radio station in the van.  At least I don't have to screen the lyrics now.  In fact, Ben loves that radio station's signature tune and will sing along with it (Joy FM), all 3 seconds of it.  And he always asks me to repeat it as if I really can. But seriously, this was just another reminder that Jackie is really becoming her own person and starting to make her own decisions about life choices.  She makes me proud.

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