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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Kid Files

My kids have been on a roll again.  They come up with the craziest and funniest questions and comments.  And sometimes, there just are no words.  For example, this:
Jackie was in the midst of a meltdown at the dinner table.  At one point, Ben went to the bathroom and when he came back to the table, this is what we saw.  While we found good humor in this, it only made Jackie more angry.  As one of my friends said, Ben will make a good husband one day. Heheh.

One day, Ben said he wanted to marry me. Just a couple of hours later, he hated me.  And then he told me I was cute.  

Jackie woke up one morning recently and said that she wanted to live in a family that wasn't weird.  For some reason, that just struck me as funny.  Apparently, we're a weird family because I held a family meeting to go over expectations within the household.  I did offer to adopt her out to a family that wasn't so weird but she wasn't too crazy about that idea.  

Recently, I was reminded of the randomness of the questions that come from my children. One day, while I was driving, Jackie just out of the blue asked if we were made of meat. Hmm. I sometimes can't help but wonder what possesses my children to ask the strangest questions.

Now here's a heartwarming conversation between my children recently.  They were looking at my wedding dress when Ben asked when Tim and I are going to get married. Here is the rest of the conversation:
Jackie: They're already married, Ben.
Ben: Oh, when will they get married again?
Jackie: They're never going to get married again. The only time people get married again is when the husband dies or when the wife dies. 
I've never really talked about the ideal of marriage with either of the kids.  The topic just hasn't come  up but this conversation reminded me that Jackie is coming into her own person with her own thoughts and ideas and most of them are right on.  She makes me so proud.  

Today, Ben got a lesson on male dog anatomy.  That story is coming next.

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