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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

First Day of School : Fall 2013

All summer long, Ben was so excited about starting Kindergarten.   About 3 weeks ago, Ben started to show some anxiety about school starting.  Every time somebody would ask him if he was excited about school, Ben would suddenly become quiet and look a little forlorn. On registration day, pictures are taken to put in the students' files.  Ben was very resistant about this and started to whine about going to school.  This actually took me by surprise because all summer long, he seemed excited and asked questions about what he was going to do in school.  

Open house was last week.  Ben seemed to enjoy meeting his new teacher and seeing where his desk is.  On the way home, we asked Ben if he was excited about school now.  He told us to stop talking about because he just didn't want to talk about.  

School started yesterday (Monday).  Ben was a little nervous but he didn't cry.  His little friend from down the street was also starting Kindergarten and they got on the bus together.  Happily, they were also allowed to sit together on the bus.  There were also no tears from me.  I'd been looking forward to this day.  

I picked up the kids at the end of the school day and I could tell they were both a bit tired, especially Ben.  But he was in a good mood and had a great first day of school.  He was so happy to see his best buddy from his Early Childhood class this past year.  He was excited that he and K were able to play together at recess.

I am very happy with the teachers that my children were assigned to this year, especially Ben.  His teacher is very nurturing and patient with kids who have such severe speech disorders.  I had prayed about Ben's future teacher and my prayers were answered.  This is going to be a great year of learning for Ben.  

Jackie is worried that third grade is going to be hard.  We reminded her that she said the same thing about starting 2nd grade and she ended up having a great year.  Then she started talking about how nervous she was about when she starts 4th grade next year.  And she hadn't even started school, yet. Ah, the girl is just too much like me.  She worries too much about the very distant future already.   I know she's going to do great, though. 

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