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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Blessed Week

I have to admit to feeling slightly depressed for a couple of weeks after I returned from Florida.  But this past week, things started to look up for me.  

First, I should say that it's amazing what an apology and forgiveness can do.  For the past couple of years, I felt really awkward whenever I was around a particular person.  This person was very outgoing and friendly to so many. However, we experienced a disconnect because of certain events that occurred around church.  Frankly, I felt judged and I felt I could never be a good enough christian.  My daughter had a really good relationship with this person and her daughter.  I was actually good with it because they were always so sweet and kind to Jackie. However, I felt still felt very closed up whenever I was around this other person.  I was just happy that people really cared for and loved my daughter.  Still, I felt very inadequate next to this person, not only spiritually but physically and materially, too.  Until lately, that is.

After being gone for several weeks this summer, Jackie was happy to see her friends here again.  She and the little girl mentioned above resumed their friendship and their bond seemed to grow stronger in an instant.  Jackie was so giddy around her friend and they get along so well.  Before I knew it, the girls were planning a playdate and/or sleepover.  We started with the playdate.  The mom emailed me to set up a time and day.  Our sons are also close in age so Ben was able to be included in the playdate.  I have to admit that I was feeling a little anxious because I wasn't really on speaking terms with the mom.  When I arrived at the playdate location, I was actually relieved to see somebody else (I'll call her C)  I knew and when she saw me, she invited me to sit with her.  I obliged but I also kept an eye out for the other mom and the kids.  She spotted me right away and quickly became friends with C, especially because they are both homeschooling moms.  It ended up being pleasant conversation. After C left, I immediately felt anxiety coming on again because I really wasn't sure how this mom was truly feeling about me.  I have to say that I was very pleased with myself that we were able to continue having pleasant conversation while our children enjoyed playing with each other.  I left there feeling a bit renewed and encouraged.  I emailed the mom later to thank her and let her know that my children really enjoyed the day.  She emailed back saying the same.  Eventually, she offered an apology and I knew it was sincere.  It brought tears to my eyes.  (I've become sentimental like that, lately).  Of course, I accepted.  I felt very encouraged.  The next thing I know, the kids were planning their next thing, a sleep-over which came to fruition tonight.  I am so happy and feel blessed that I and the other mom have been able to work on a friendship.  I really hope and pray that it will continue.  

In addition to that, I received encouraging texts from a friend (thanks Patti!),  I was able to help out a friend who recently had spinal surgery (I really do enjoy helping others when I can),  I registered the kids for school.  Speaking of which, I was even more blessed to learn who my children's teachers are going to be and I am very, VERY happy with those assigned teachers.  Ben will be getting speech therapy at school twice a week, too.  I can't believe my baby is going to start Kindergarten and I am so blessed that it's full-day Kindergarten, too!

The biggest blessing we received this past week and weekend will be explained in the next blog post.  Despite all the heavy load we've been carrying recently, I am feeling encouraged. 

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