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Sunday, June 16, 2013

I Made Somebody Cry

Wow, what a week this has been.  It started out last Sunday when I took my children to their first night of VBS where they attend church.  I took my laptop and reading materials to keep myself busy while I waited 2 1/2 hours for it to be done. I had been sitting in the front lobby/cafe area when one of the volunteers, T,  came around passing out snacks and offered me one.  I turned it down but then she asked if I wanted to join her and the others in the kitchen instead of being bored while I waited for my kids.  My immediate thought was "no way", but then before I knew it, I had agreed to join her in the kitchen.  Little did I know the fun I was about to experience during the rest of the week and of course, learning a little more about myself.  

That first night, I hung out with T and the other ladies and helped them put stuff away.  I didn't plan on continuing to help for the remainder of the week but I found myself "recruited to do so" and gladly.  (I'm glad it wasn't one of the craft workers who recruited me.  Gag me, that area would have left me so frazzled.)  After seeing how much work had been done before I was recruited and how much more work was left to do even after all the snacks were prepared and distributed, I was more than willing to return the next night (and beyond) to help. 

Even though I don't warm up very easily to others, I quickly found myself becoming fast friends with these ladies.  I felt like they liked me and they even found me humorous.  I think I took them by surprise.  I even scared one of the ladies, M, when I began to "argue" with J, an older lady friend.  Now J is the kind of person with whom I feel very comfortable engaging in friendly squabble.  I know J likes me and she knows that I really like her, too.  M shared with me later how she was worried when she heard me and J "argue" but after a few moments, she realized that we were just playing around.  She thought that was so funny.  And that was just the first of many humor moments.

By the middle of that second night, one of the other ladies, D, began to share with me that she was liking what she saw from me and that I was fun to be around.  That made me feel good.  Then she began to share how, not too long ago, she went to another friend of hers in church, crying, because she felt like I hated her.  I made her cry! How terrible!  Apparently, I was snubbing her when she would say hello to me or try to talk to me.  Thankfully, the other friend explained to her that she was also victim to this and that she finally realized that I was just shy and quiet, and very reserved.  (I don't know about the shy part but if I don't feel like I belong somewhere, I do tend to keep quiet and reserved. I'm very cautious about people).  As D told me this story, my heart sank and I felt so guilty about how I had hurt her feelings.  It made me wonder how many other people I've done this to. I know it's too many.  I'm so thankful that D finally felt comfortable enough to share this with me and I was able to apologize profusely to her.  I need to do some more serious self-examining.

Throughout the week, I had fun humoring (albeit unintentionally sometimes; I just have a way with words, I guess) everyone working in the kitchen as well as working alongside them to make things run smoothly.  And run smoothly it did.  (Sorry T, for making you think I was about to drop your iPhone!). We all worked together very well as a team.  Even though M was the one in charge of planning all the kitchen/snack details, she was not controlling and she listened to us and worked with us if any of us had other ideas in regard to kitchen/snack detail.  I hope I can work with these ladies again in a volunteer capacity...  as long as it isn't craft detail!
While I was having fun working with all those wonderful ladies, the kids were also having a blast throughout the week.  Everything about this year's VBS was great; the music, the crafts, the lessons, the recreation, and of course, the snacks.  (Can't forget the snacks!). This was a great week, overall.  

A big thanks to T for encouraging recruiting me to join her and the others in the kitchen and another big thanks to the others for being so welcoming and making me feel comfortable there.  I truly enjoyed it this past week.

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