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Friday, June 14, 2013

Another Edition of "The Joys of Boys"

This past week, my son had a school physical performed.   Vision was screened, ears and nose and throat were checked, heart sounds checked. blood pressure checked, just the routine stuff to make sure everything is well enough for Ben to safely attend school. 

I was a bit surprised at the end of the exam when the doctor told Ben that he needed to check Ben's private parts, his penis (yes, the doctor used those terms which I was fine with).  He told Ben to pull his pants down.  The doctor felt the area for any masses (none detected, thankfully), Ben kept laughing because it tickled,  Jackie (the future doctor) kept craning her neck around to watch the process, and then it was over.  After I left there, I couldn't help but feel a little bit concerned that Ben might not realize that not just anybody can do an "exam" on him or on another person for no reason.  And what really concerned me is that the doctor didn't even do his part by explaining that to Ben.  I have a friend who is a nurse and her husband is a doctor and I asked her about that and she validated my concerns by saying that her doctor husband always explains to child patients who is allowed and who is not allowed to touch them in their private areas.  I knew then just how important it was for me to explain this to Ben.

So, I took that opportunity this afternoon to have a little chat with Ben about bad touching and good touching.  I explained to him that the only people who are allowed to touch him near or on his private area are doctors (and nurses), mommy, and daddy, and that's only if there is good reason for it.  My sweet and funny Ben must have thought that he needed to confirm the area I was talking about and so he asked "you mean my penis?"  Yes, Ben, your penis.  Nobody is allowed to touch it.  

His next question  and response nearly sent me into hysterics:
Why is it called a penis?  

I don't know why, Ben.  

His response:  "Is it because we pee in it?"  

Another "joy of boys" moment for sure!

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