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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Moments Like This...

...make motherhood so worth it. 

Yesterday started out good but quickly went downhill after I got the kids home from karate.  Both kids kept ignoring my repeated requests pleas yelling to clean their rooms up and to put away their clean laundry.  They did everything else but.  (And it never ceases to amaze me that they beg to help me clean house but they won't even touch their own bedrooms). Nearly two hours later, I lost my cool with them, especially with Jackie.  Jackie became upset, I became more upset.  Then Jackie hit me. Then I said some words that I regret saying to the kids.  Jackie started screaming at this point.  Everything just started to spiral out of control.  (Surprisingly, Ben was pretty cool about it all.)  I finally had to leave the house to cool off and leave Tim on daddy duty.  I went on a couple of errands and while I was out, I guess the fear of god (or perhaps abandonment? I know, bad mommy) got to Jackie.  I came home to clean bedrooms and stuff put away.  Even though Jackie was in a better mood, I could tell that she was still a bit shaken from the earlier episode.  I reminded Jackie that I love her no matter what but that it upsets me very much when she and Ben blatantly ignore and disobey me.  She's at the age where I have no problem being honest and frank with her about how her behavior upsets and angers me at times. 

So, this morning while I was singing with the church choir, Jackie must have felt inspired to write me a very touching note.  She quickly finished it and gave it to me after I was done singing with the choir.  This is a first and it brought me to tears.  In church.  And I didn't have tissues on hand.  Words just will never describe how very much I really do love my girl. 

Oh, I couldn't help but remember this one from a few years ago which still makes me nearly collapse with laughter:

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