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Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Newest Member of our Family

Introducing Daisy!

She is a pug and blue heeler (cattle dog) mix, if you can imagine.  She is 4-years old and very laid back so far.  She has already garnered a couple of nicknames; sloth (because the way she points out her front paws remind us of this animal), Kitty (for kitty cat).  She was rescued from an animal control facility in Missouri.  I've recently begun to foster for a local rescue organization, the same one that rescued Daisy.  After fostering a puppy recently, I took Daisy home to foster because she was so stressed and traumatized by being in the kennel.  

Jackie became very attached to Daisy right away.  Jackie has always wanted a cat but Daddy says no.  Well, it seems we've got the best of both worlds now because Daisy has the personality of a cat.  She is an interesting little girl to say the least.  

As of today, Daisy belongs to us.  Papers signed, fee paid.  She's ours now.  And hopefully, we will have many more years of enjoyment from her.  

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Anonymous said...

She is lovely does she rule your home?