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Monday, February 4, 2013

Should I Be Worried?

My son has been in top form.  Again.  He does often cause us to keel over in laughter at some of his antics. At other times, though, I just don't know whether to laugh, or cry and be worried about his future.  

I will share one funny from last week.  One morning, just as I was pulling up my jeans after changing out of my pajamas, Ben walked in my room and caught a glimpse of my underwear.  He exclaimed "Nice underwear, Mommy!"  The boy does crack me up with some of his statements.  He is quite the complimentary little guy.  He oftentimes  tells me that I look nice, my shirt is nice, my shoes are nice, my hair looks pretty, etc.  Even after he tells me he hates me.  He hates me a lot, too. I hear it a least 10 times a day.  

This evening, while I we were all sitting and eating dinner, nothing seemed out of the ordinary.  However, after I finished, I got up to go get Ben's gymnastics clothes ready and I noticed that my little foster dog, Daisy, wasn't laying in her usual spot.  I looked around the family room and Daisy was nowhere to be seen.  I called out to her with no response.  Finally, I looked over at Ben, still sitting and eating at the table, and asked him if he knew where Daisy was.  He got this sinister look on his face, shrugged his shoulders, and said "I don't know."  Hmm, oh yeah, that was a dead giveaway.  He knew exactly where Daisy was.  I went in Ben's room and looked around but didn't see her.  Finally, I opened up the armoire in Ben's room and there was Daisy, sitting on the bottom shelf, crouched in the back and trembling.  She was so scare that I couldn't even coax her out of there.  I had to do an extraction.  Initially, I was horrified that Ben would do that.  Then I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. 

This actually reminded me of a story that Tim recently told me.  One day recently, I was so exasperated with the way Ben was being so rough with another puppy that I recently fostered.  Now, I should back up and share how Tim's mom always comments on how Tim was the best baby, her best little boy, the teenager who never caused her any trouble.  Haha.  If she only knew...  Tim shared that when he was a little boy, probably preschool age, he had a cat that followed him around everywhere.  Tim said he loved that cat and the cat loved him back.  Well, as much as he loved that cat, he would take it outside, put it inside one of those rabbit cages (or something like it), lock the latch, and then turn on the sprinklers right next to the cages.  The poor cat must have had the brains of a dog because that cat would continue to love Tim unconditionally despite the torture that Tim put that cat through.  I couldn't help but shake my head in disbelief and as much as I tried to stifle my laughter at the mental picture of my husband as a toddler, pulling off such an antic, I just couldn't hold back the laughter.  I think there is a lot more that Tim's mom hasn't told me.  If I only knew...
So, should I be worried?  And pray?  My perfect, little baby boy (yes, he was a perfectly content, easy to console baby) has turned into quite the monster!

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