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Thursday, February 14, 2013

On the subject of Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day has never been very important to me.  Even now that I'm married, it really is no big deal to me.  Perhaps that has to do with the fact that my birthday, Valentine's Day, and my wedding anniversary all fall within a span of 6 days.  

Since my children have started school, I have noticed (and am pleased with) that each teacher sends a letter including the name of each child in the classroom.  This is so that the children who pass out Valentines will include every fellow student.  Nobody gets left out.  Friend and non-friends alike.  Everyone is included.  

I like this idea very much.  I remember when I was in school and students passed out Valentines to whomever they wanted to.  I remember often, not receiving but maybe 1 or even 2 Valentines while may others in my class got boxes full of Valentines.  I remember the pain that left.  I knew I was not important to most people.  I was severely bullied by a lot of people and this was just another way of those people to let me know how much they despised me.  

I know many people say that you must forget the past.  Well, I cannot forget the past.  The pain of being severely bullied will always be there.  It has helped to form who I am today.  I don't dwell on that, however, there have been situations where I have been given opportunity to share the pain that bullying causes, including be left out of class events such as receiving Valentines. 

Thankfully, teachers of today have wised up to this and now all students are required to include every fellow student in their class during Valentine card exchange.  So, thank you teachers!  Thank you that I don't have to deal with a hurting child much as I was.  Thank you that my daughter will not have to be subject to the cruelty of rejection.  So, I guess in a way, Valentine's Day has become more meaningful to me.  Even if I have a romantically challenged husband. 

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