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Monday, December 10, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday to Ben!

My sweet boy is now 5 years old.  Unbelievable!  It has been a crazy, wild journey with Ben these past 5 years.  My sweet little boy went from being the perfect, content baby to being a very adventurous, fun loving, VERY active boy.  He is cute, smart, and affectionate.   He gives the best hugs. 

I haven't updated about Ben's disorder in a long time so I will take this opportunity to do so briefly.  As difficult as these past few years have been, I wouldn't trade my little boy for anything.  He has come a long way with his speech during this past year.  After being able to say a few words before he turned a year old, by his first birthday, Ben quit saying words.  By age 18 months, he was seeing a speech therapist for the speech problem and he was also seeing an occupational therapist for the sensory processing issues.  It was a trying time for sure.  Just a year ago, he was an extremely frustrated little boy because as intelligent as he is, he struggled so much with his expressive verbal skills.  He had been diagnosed with severe Apraxia of Speech.  Ben showed his frustration by biting, hitting, and yelling.  Since age 3, Ben has been going to a preschool geared toward children with speech difficulties.  Thankfully, he is very well-behaved at school despite his high activity level at home.  Between the speech he receives at school and the private speech therapy, Ben has made tremendous improvement and is now talking in complete sentences.  He has blossomed and is more outgoing than before.  Thankfully, he is also less frustrated and no longer bites out of frustration.  We're still working on some other behavioral issues but he is much improved from just 6 months ago.  Ben is still unintelligible at times but with continued speech therapy, I have full confidence that he will completely conquer this disorder in the next couple of years.  

Despite the difficulties of the past few years, Ben has brought much joy and entertainment into our home.  He loves to ride his bike, he loves gymnastics, and best of all, he loves school.  He also likes to attend AWANAs.  Ben gets to start full-day Kindergarten next August (woohoo!) and he is already so excited about it.  He is looking forward to homework and being able to carry his own lunchbox to school.  I'm sure that will get old very quickly, though.  He is also looking forward to riding the big bus with his sister.  

It's so hard for me to believe that my baby is already 5 years old.  I'll never forget that day when Tim and I found ourselves in shock at the discovery that we were expecting another baby.  As unexpected as it was, we are very blessed to have Ben as our son.  He is the best son on earth.

Happy Birthday Ben!  We love you so much!

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