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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Out Of the Mouth of Babes... Again

Jackie attends a club at church called AWANA.  Over a year ago, she started to become good friends with a little boy at AWANA shortly before he moved away with his family.  Jackie was a little saddened by this but she got over it quickly.  I didn't realize how much of an impression this little boy left on Jackie's heart until tonight. 

When I went to pick up Jackie tonight, she was so excited to tell me that this little boy, C, who is not so little now (he's just a grade ahead of Jackie), had moved back.  However, her joy quickly turned to sorrow when I told her that C and his family had not moved back but were in town to visit their friends.  I told her that perhaps she can write an occasional note to C so they can keep in touch. (Actually, my ulterior motive is to marry Jackie off in 10 years to this fine young boy).  She liked that idea.  As Jackie and I headed down the hallway to leave the church, C was there, too, and the following conversation ensued:  I told C that he grew a lot in the year since they moved away.  Jackie: "Yeah, you don't even sound the same."  I said it's because he grew a lot and he's older now.  C:  Yeah, when you get older, you lose your little voice and then you get a grown-up voice."  I can't tell you the rest of the conversation because I was concentrating on stifling my laughter.  C was very serious when he explained the voice change.  Children are so innocently funny.

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