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Monday, November 5, 2012

And My Vote Is For...

I bet that got your attention!  I'm not telling who I'm voting for.  Actually, I am looking forward so much to all this being over.  Over! I'm over it all.  The attack ads, the lies, everything.  I've heard of broken friendships over differences of political opinion.  It has just gotten to be ridiculous.  And sad.  I've seen people treat others with utter disregard all because of different political opinions.  I've had to hide people from my Facebook timeline because if you don't believe their way, then you're less than human.  That was just one of the many reasons that I recently closed my Facebook for awhile.  Wednesday can't come soon enough!  Whoever is placed (yes, I said placed) into office tomorrow will still need our respect, regardless of whether or not we like the outcome.

So, I guess my "thankful" for today is for Women's Suffrage.  Without it, us women would not even have the right to cast our votes during election time.  I'm proud to say that I have exercised that right from the time I was first eligible to do so.

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