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Sunday, October 28, 2012


Yesterday, Lucy still had energy and she ate voraciously, thanks to the prednisone.  The diagnosis as if it was a dream.  We were enjoying our old Lucy again and just loving on her.  Last night, Lucy seemed to eat her dinner just fine.  

As the evening wore on, however, Lucy seemed to slow down.  When I gave her her 2nd dose of prednisone inside a piece of bread, she took it gingerly, not like in previous days.  Within a couple of hours, Lucy seemed to be uncomfortable.  I finally got her to go outside late last night but after she came in, she just found laid back down and would hardly move.  Her ears were down close to her head and she hardly wagged her tail.  I prayed that if this was the night for her passing, that God would take her peacefully. Or perhaps the latest dose of prednisone had not yet taken affect.  I stayed up late keeping an eye on her.

This morning, Lucy wouldn't even budge from where she laid down last.  Tim picked her up to take her outside.  Lucy just laid down. Tim brought her in and laid her down on her pillow in our room.  She has not moved.  I'm heartbroken to say the least.  I don't want to think that it's time to let her go. 

I called the vet and the receptionist said that it didn't sound good.  I'm waiting for the actual doctor to call me back so we can talk. I probably won't even be able to talk.  My mind says it's time but my heart doesn't want to let her go, yet.  Please pray for us.  This is going to be a very difficult day.  Lucy was doing so well yesterday and just took a huge nosedive within hours last night.  This hurts.

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