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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October Is National Anti-Bullying Awareness Month

How ironic that I just wrote a blog post last weekend on this very topic. I didn't know this month is Anti-Bullying month until today.  After I wrote about my daughter's situation, I read about a couple of other bullying incidents that ended up being very inspiring.  How appropriate.
In case you missed the story about my daughter's experience, here it is:
Here is the first of the 2 other stories.  I'm so glad that this girl did not give in to her bullies. She even thought about backing out up until the moment she walked out onto the field and I am so proud of her that she fought against her emotions.  Here is a link to her story.
Today, I read about a news reporter who received a scathing email about her weight being a poor example for young girls.  The email amounted to bullying.  I loved this reporter's response to the author of the email.  Here is a link to her story.  In my honest opinion, despite what the author of that scathing email wrote about her, this reporter is an inspiration.
Stay tuned for my own bullying story.  I've shared some of my past experiences but since this is awareness month, I'm going to share more of what I experienced and how it has affected my life.  I have no tolerance for bullies.  At. All.

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