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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup Made Easy

I try to feed my family healthy foods but sometimes, I just have to deviate from that.  I love chicken noodle soup and I have a very simple recipe to share.  And it's probably not the most healthy.  But it tastes so good. 

Tim likes rotisserie chicken and he will occasionally buy one from Sam's Club or Dierberg's.  I'm not much for keeping leftovers for more than a day so I try to find ways to use them up quickly.  We usually have leftover chicken when Tim buys the rotisserie ones.  I pull the remaining meat for use for the next day.  I usually use one of 2 recipes using this leftover chicken. 

 Last night, I made chicken noodle soup.  Take 4 envelopes of the Lipton cream of chicken dry soup mix and dump it into a large pot of water (around 6-8 cups).  I like to add fresh ground pepper, too.  Bring it to a boil.  Then add the chicken.  I also add sliced carrots and celery and bring back to a boil for a couple of minutes.  Then I add the noodles. My favorite noodles are the amish noodles and the Buitoni fettuccine noodles (in the refrigerated section).  If you use the Buitoni brand, make sure you cut the noodles in smaller pieces.    Cook for as long as the directions state minus a minute.  The reason for decreasing the cook time by a minute is because the noodles will continue to cook after you remove from the heat.  

If you cook it just right, the soup will have just a slight bit of creaminess to it.  Make sure you don't add too much water as this will dilute the soup mix too much and it will taste very bland.  I know, I did it once.  Or maybe twice.  But if that happens, no need to fear.  Just add a little bit of whatever broth or bouillon you might have.  I recommend the bouillon.  Once the soup is done, then just serve hot with whatever else you choose.

You can add variety to the soup by adding whatever other vegetables you would like.  However, I strongly discourage the use of okra.  My mother-in-law did this and although she thinks it's fine, I thought it was gross.  Gross, gross, GROSS!  Okra in any form is just plain disgusting.  Fried, boiled, steamed, in soups, no matter how it's cooked, okra will never receive a seal of approval from me. (And neither will Brussels sprouts, for that matter). So, don't ruin such a good soup with such a vile vegetable.  Well, some people call it a vegetable.  

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