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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


 I'm not sure what to think of this.  I think I need to talk a certain, talented little girl.  She has become quite creative lately with her homework for writing sentences.  I shall set the record straight on this one.  

See number 5?  Good thing it's not a true/false question.  I have NEVER run out of gas.  Never. Ever.  Her daddy probably has, but not me.  I'm going to write a note to Jackie's teacher to save myself from embarrassment.

Number 7, not true. I don't keep a map in the car.  We have a GPS.  And for longer drives, I print off a copy of directions from Mapquest.  

And last but most importantly, number 8.  Where does this child come up with her ideas for sentences?  I can barely fit in my clothes?  Ha! I'm not quite sure if this is meant to be good or bad.  It could go either way, actually.  And I'm sure Jackie's teacher is quite certain to get a kick out of this one. Well, we'll be having a little chit-chat tomorrow after school.  Or perhaps I should just have Jackie change all those "moms" to "daddy's". 

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