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Saturday, October 13, 2012

"Dat My Dot"

Tonight, Ben asked me to help him dry off after he got out of the shower.  I don't mind doing this sometimes, especially if it's getting a bit close to bedtime and we're trying to hurry the process along.

So, tonight as I was drying Ben off, he made sure that I dried every square inch of him.  As I started to dry off the upper part of his leg near his groin area, I noticed a freckle.  At first, I thought it might be dirt so I tried to wipe it off.  When it didn't come off, I looked closer and said to myself that it was a freckle.  Ben immediately chimed in and said, "No, dat my dot."  The kid is always making me chuckle.  What makes it even funnier is the way he says it, succinct and sort of robotic-like.  So, the next time you see Ben, ask him about his dot.  He was very proud that I noticed it. 

I have to share another incident that brought laughter almost 2 weeks ago.  I had taken Ben to Target to buy some new workbooks for him to practice his letters and numbers.  As I was browsing through some of the workbooks in the book section, Ben stood a few feet away from me thumbing through some novel.  A nice older lady came around the corner and saw Ben and asked him if he was learning how to read.  Ben, with his usual succinct way of speaking, looked up at this lady and said in a sing-song way "Noooooo." And then succinctly, "I watch TV."  The lady looked over at me chuckling and said to Ben "Well, that's a good answer."  For the record, I do monitor Ben's TV habits and he is usually allowed to watch just 3 different channels.
I have not shared much about our difficulties with Ben's speech, sensory processing disorder, and behavioral issues.  He had severe verbal Apraxia of speech.  Right up until his 4th birthday last year, Ben was still unable to put sentences together.  He was just starting to put 2 words together.  Those first 4 years of Ben's life were extremely frustrating, not only for Ben but for us, because Ben is a very bright little boy and he knows what he was saying.  We were the ones with the problem He was extremely unintelligible.  Since this past Summer, Ben has made huge strides and you can actually have a conversation with him now.  He is still somewhat unintelligible to people who don't know him well.  But, to those who know Ben, so many people are so amazed at his progress just in the last few months.  He has come a long way.  He still has a long way to go but with continued therapy, Ben will continue to make great progress.  The biggest hurdle that we're facing now is the continued aggression and other behavioral issues.  We're looking forward to having this evaluated and I have faith that we will conquer this beast, too, no matter what diagnosis or outcome the doctor gives.  And no matter what, I still think my little boy is the cutest, most awesome little boy around.  And he's a smart one, too.

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