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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Concern For Youth

I recently made a comment on Twitter about how I'm disappointed in the not-so-pleasant language of our young people, especially those kids that I really care about.  I also stated how this makes me lose a little bit of respect for them. I'm talking about junior high and high school kids.  The language or the abbreviated versions has, in my opinion, gotten a little out of hand, especially now that kids of any age have access to their own cellphones, computers, and social media outlets.  I made no mention of any names.  It was a general statement made to no specific person. I am not a religious person and I have had a potty mouth myself.  However, I have been making a conscious effort to keep a clean mouth because I want to make a difference for my own kids.  I know my kids will be exposed in other areas and the worst place lately has been in our schools.  I'm always having discussions with my daughter about some of the slang that I feel is inappropriate at this age.  She picks most of it up from school, unfortunately.

I do feel that, as parents, we must monitor our kids' computer habits and cellphone habits, including language.  I'm pretty sure a lot of parents don't follow up on this, perhaps because everyone leads such busy lives and they just really trust their preteen/teen.  What I have learned though, is that sometimes even the kids that you least expect to have such potty mouths are the worst offenders.  The same for any other destructive behavior.  I want the best for my children just as all other parents do.  That's why when it comes time for my children to have social media privileges, I'm going to do my best to keep tabs on my children.  And I hope that I have the help of fellow parents who will report to me if they see anything questionable coming from my children.  I want my children to know that if they want their elders to respect them, then they need to show respectable behavior, including language.

I knew that when I made my comment, as general as it was, it might offend people.  However, I don't regret making my opinion known.  So, this comment I made on Twitter has now caused the possible friendship break-up of somebody that I had considered a very dear friend.  After not seeing this friend, except once maybe twice, since before school let out last Spring, I'm pretty sure that I'm no longer a friend.  I'm sad about that and for a few days this past weekend, it caused me a little distress because I had really considered this person to be one of my best friends here.   I'm fine now and if this person chooses to continue our friendship, that would great.  If not, I still don't regret my comment.  That comment was not directed at any one particular person.  It was directed at all young people, including those who I truly care about.

Now that being said, this really applies to all of us adults, too.  I remember reading a quote that really resonated with me.  "A person who curses is a sign of an unsophisticated person."  I am trying very hard to make positive changes so that I can be a positive influence for not only my own children but for others around me.  I want to command respect. I want to be looked up to by others as somebody who can be trusted by others.  I recently made the decision to close my Facebook account for several reasons.  Drama (and I'm sure I'm guilty), bad language (and sometimes bad photos, too), political bashing, etc.  Speaking of political bashing, it's a real shame that there are so many people who can't show respect to others who don't have the same views as themselves, youth or adult.

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