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Saturday, September 1, 2012


Oh joy, my daughter just can't seem to part with anything. Broken toys, useless underwear, food wrappers. You name it, I'm sure you might just find a piece of it in my daughter's room.
A few months ago, I wrote this where I mentioned this:
Yes friends, that is the same wrapper that I thought I had buried in the trash back in May.  The exact same one!! The one that was buried months ago.  Now how did that end up back in Jackie's room?!  Gah! I spent 5 hours in Jackie's bedroom pit last night trying to clean and reorganize.  I had noticed some small items that had fallen behind her dresser.  However, I did NOT expect to find that darn Rice Krispy treat wrapper that Jackie had apparent grand plans for.
I have watched those Hoarding shows on TLC but never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would have to deal with it in my own immediate family.  Now, I admit that I have stuff packed in boxes in our basement but it's mostly sentimental stuff and stuff that I'm waiting to use in our next home (whenever that may be).  I do not save food wrappers and broken pieces of plastic.
I emptied Jackie's room completely of everything with the exception of her large dresser.  Jackie either has a potential problem with hoarding or she's just too darn lazy.  Or better yet, perhaps she has a food hoarding problem.  I found all sorts of food wrappers in the abyss of her closet.  Just last week, while I was going through the drawers at the base of her bed in preparation for moving it out of her room, I found an old corn on the cob, wrapped in a paper towel.  Actually, I'm not quite certain who put that there as Ben has a tendency to hide food that he doesn't want to eat.
A couple of weeks ago, I told Jackie to throw a pair of her underwear away as they were coming apart at the waistband.  After balking at my request, I watched as Jackie obliged. A few days later, while I was putting clean laundry away, I noticed those underwear that I thought were thrown away.  I just rolled my eyes.  That stinker of mine had sneakily put those tattered pants into the dirty laundry to be washed.
Last week, as I was helping Jackie straighten up her room, I noticed one of the pairs of underwear on her dresser looked very much like mine.  I'm not sure how they ended up there.  Well, as I asked Jackie how my underwear got into her room, I noticed that the waistband was starting to break apart so I asked Jackie to throw them away in the bathroom trash.  She obliged.  Or so, I though.  As I was taking apart the bed last week in Jackie's room, I took out another drawer and what do I see?  Yep, you got it.  Those darn underwear.  Why does Jackie have such an attachment to useless underwear?  I grabbed them and immediately buried them in the trash. 
The other night, as Jackie was getting ready to shower, I noticed that the underwear Jackie had on were starting to fall apart. Like, coming apart at the seams in the crotch area.  For me, it's a given that those type of garments have obviously earned their rightful place in the trash can.  So, as Jackie started to undress, I told her to throw the underwear away.  (I should have learned my lesson by now as this is the 3rd pair of tossed underwear in just a couple of weeks).  In true Jackie fashion, she asked me why. I told her they were falling apart and therefore she will not be wearing them any longer.  Then I left the bathroom as Jackie got into the shower.
So, last night, as I was cleaning Jackie's pit of a room, I went to put some of her hair stuff away and as I reached into the cabinet under the bathroom sink,  and what do I see?!?  Ugh.  Again.  Those freakin' underwear that I told her to throw away the other night.  I just had to roll my eyes.  Again.  The rice krispy treat wrapper, old corn on the cob, useless underwear, among others.    Lord help me!

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