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Friday, August 10, 2012

Oh no! We're Being Overrun By... Latins!

I bet that got your attention.  Let me reassure you that I have nothing against Latins, Asians, or any people of color.  In fact, some of my really good friends (and even neighbors) are people of color or other ethnicity.  My nephew and niece are Puerto Rican.  My husband has a nephew and a couple of nieces that are Latin and Asian.  I have extended family members who are African American.  It doesn't matter to me as long as there is respect and love.  I am very much against racism and I have a difficult time dealing with others who are blatantly so. (I also don't like when people pull the race card).
Having said that, I care very much about my mother-in-law (thereby referred to here as MIL).  Really, I do, contrary to what my husband sometimes thinks.  She is a strong Christian believer who is very loyal to her faith and I respect that very much. I also know that she is a wonderful mother to all of her boys.  She really is a good person.  However, I admit that I have a little difficulty respecting her sometimes because of some of her comments about non-Caucasian people.  It seems that she thinks that these people are slightly less than worthy.  Thankfully, she forgets that she has grandchildren who fall into this category. 
What brings me to rant today is that I mentioned that I might take my kids back to Lithia Springs for another visit to swim and play before I leave to go back to Illinois.   MIL immediately asked if there were a lot of foreigners there.  I was confused for a moment.  I asked what she meant by that.  She asked if there were a lot of Latins at Lithia Springs.  She apparently heard that the park was being overrun by Latins.  Gah!  I'm sorry but I couldn't help but roll my eyes.  I really don't know if the place was being "overrun" by Latins because I didn't take notice of skin color or ethnicity.  That didn't matter to me. What's important to me when visiting parks and other areas is that the place is clean, safe, and fun.  And Lithia Springs fits the bill.  It's a very nice state park that is open to anybody who can pay, regardless of race or ethnicity.   
This isn't the first time MIL has brought up the race issue in such a negative way.  Years ago, when Tim was single and stationed in Nebraska, he was working nights so he would have to sleep during the day.  The neighbors below were always sitting outside and being obnoxiously loud.  Of course, they were Latin.  Again, what would matter to me in that situation is the lack of respect, not the skin color.
Another time, MIL was telling me about a couple in her church who had adopted 2 little girls recently. Then MIL made the comment that they were going to grow up to have problems.  Of course, me being me, I asked her why.  Well, the mother was white and the daddy was black and the little girls who were adopted by this couple were clearly black.   They weren't mixed race.   Huh?  I was incredulous.  I don't know about you but I believe that love and a caring family are what most orphans care most about, not skin color.  Oh, MIL also thinks that children who are adopted from foster care all grow up with problems, too.  I have to admit that that made me want to adopt from foster care even more than ever before. 
Okay, so that's my rant for the week.  I really do try to ignore it when MIL starts talking this way.  I can't help but sometimes wonder what her opinion would be if I told her that I hail from Jewish ancestry.  Either way, I'm proud of whatever mixed heritage that I consist of.

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