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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Truth Comes Out

As many of my readers may have read in my last post, Ben decided to "style" his hair nearly 2 weeks ago, the night before we left for an out of town trip.  When I first confronted the kids about it, they both put the blame solely on Ben himself.  So, all this time, I was left trying to figure out how Ben managed to scalp the very front of his head with safety scissors.  It just did not seem possible that he could have done it himself but Ben, himself, took the blame.  Well, mystery solved.
Yesterday, Jackie started day camp for the week so I had just Ben.  He and I ran a few errands in the afternoon.  One of those errands was a trip to Target.  At the check-out, Ben told the cashier "you nice."  She was all "oh thank you, how sweet".  Then she asked Ben if he cut his hair.  Ben's reply:  "Jackie help me."  Hmm. 
When I picked up Jackie from day camp, I asked her about cutting Ben's hair.  Her immediate response was "I didn't do it" and then she immediately turned to Ben and said "LIAR!"  For a moment, I wanted to believe Jackie but my instincts dictated otherwise.  I told Jackie to not get so upset about the allegation because now we can just laugh about it.  However, the scissors are put away for an extended period of time.
That evening, I took the kids to VBS and Ben repeated the allegation that his sister helped me.  Of course, Jackie emphatically denied again.  I'm leaning toward Ben's "story".  There is just no way he could have scalped himself in that particular pattern without a little help from somebody else. 
The scissors will remain in time-out for the time-being.  And I need to continue to reinforce the "truth will set  you free" philosophy with my children.  Ha!  I must be dreaming.

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