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Friday, June 1, 2012

Funny Zumba Posts

As most of my friends know, I have my Zumba instructor license.  I am also a member of a private Facebook devoted to ZINs (zumba instructor network) in the St. Louis area.  Recently, one of the members posted a link to a blog post that gave a hilarious perspective to the zumba experience.  After I read this post and and nearly wet my pants as I was seized by laughter, I went back and read some of the author's other blog posts.  This woman is HILARIOUS.  She has a new follower here.  I noticed the blogger is from St. Louis so I got in touch with her via email and asked permission to share her hilarious posts on my own blog.  From the email response that I received from her, I can tell right away that this girl is the real deal.  She is HILARIOUS.  And highly intelligent.  And an awesome writer.  So thank you to my new blogger friend, Lisa, for allowing me to share her blog on my own blog. 
Just click on the links below and enjoy! You're in for a hilarious read.
Zoom, Zoom, Zumba! 
Nine ridiculous observations I've made about Zumba instructors

Lisa's observations had me nearly rolling on the floor in laughter.  As ridiculous as they are (hey, she said it first), those observations are actually often right on.  I have seen those instructors myself but I never really gave it any thought.  At least, not until I read Lisa's hilarious posts.  So I guess I must be lacking as a typical ZIN since:
1. I don't wear the rubber bracelets. (I get too hot and I have sensory issues).
2. I don't mind the bright colors, however I do like to match.  So, I do fit this category a little.
3. I'm a quiet Zumba-er.  No Tourette's here. 
4. I know I don't look good when I work out.   My friends do, though, and I'm jealous.
5. I don't hate Mexican food.  But,  I'm pretty sure some in my Zumba classes love it as indicated
     by the aromas that emanate from certain locations around the room.  (Lisa, now that I know about
     your love of Mexican food and your gassy problem, I'm sure you would blend in really well in my
     classes over here.  Hehehehe. Okay friends, just read her blog.  Then you will understand.)
6.  I wish I had artificial hips if it would help me move my hips and butt better. 
7.  Well, she does have a point with this one.   But I blame my short memory on aging being that I'm a
      quiet, non-rubber bracelet wearing Zumba-er.
8.  No, it is not for the weak hearted.  But take heart, Lisa. Zumba can be for the overweight.  I also
     remember my first couple of times, how difficult it was to get beyond the first 15 minutes.  So, I'm
     not about to let you give up on Zumba.  You stick with it, my friend.   And I just love squats as my
     own personal trainer will tell you. 
9.  Walking and chewing gum?  I don't know about this one.  That's a new one tome.  I'll have to make
      my own observations during the next few classes that I attend.

If you're looking for something to bring a smile or laughter to your soul, just read Lisa's blog at  Don't let the blog title scare you.  This girl is heading somewhere with her gift of humor writing.  And I'm jealous. 

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