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Wednesday, June 6, 2012


So last night the tooth fairy didn't make an appearance.  Jackie woke up this morning and promptly let me know that the tooth fairy must have forgotten about her tooth because the tooth was still under her pillow.  Ha!  I told Jackie that the tooth fairy probably skipped right by her room last night because there wasn't a clear path for the tooth fairy to make her way to the bed.  Perhaps if Jackie would clean up her room and put things away, then the tooth fairy may just come back tonight.  (Jackie has had more than enough fair warning about her room situation, like 3 days already)
I sternly warned Jackie that if she did not clean her room up today, then there would be no outside play and that I'm pretty sure the tooth fairy will not make a visit.  Again.
This afternoon, on our way to one of Jackie's therapy appointments, Jackie told me that the tooth fairy could have still visited her last night because she should be able to fly.  Huh?  Well, they do have wings.  Oops, I didn't think about that.  So, I've been busted.  I just told Jackie that whether the tooth fairy was real or not, the room had to be clean and a clear path to her bed needed to be made. 
So here I sit, still prodding (4th straight day) Jackie to clean her room so that our house and pet sitter can have a clean (and safe) place to sleep.  Unfortunately, Jackie's slothful way is rearing it's ugly head again.  So, I guess this tooth fairy better get up, grab the plastic storage bins, and convert to the mean, toy confiscating mom.  Hmm, I was just thinking, who came up with the idea of a tooth fairy?

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