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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What a Steal!

Warning!  This is going to be a rant. 
I have a boat that we brought with us when we moved from Florida.  I bought the boat for the hubster because it was what he really wanted even though he had another boat at the time.  The man has been quite spoiled by me because not only did I buy him a boat, I bought him a dirt bike because he really, really wanted it and I wanted him to be happy. 
So, after we move to Illinois and I had Jackie, I did not have any interest in going on the boat.  I didn't let that stop the hubster from enjoying the boat.   But, in recent years, we have paid more for the insurance than we have paid in gas.  In other words, the boat has been in water perhaps a total of 10 times within the last 3 years.  I have been wanting to sell the boat.  In fact, we put the boat up for sale a couple of years ago and got a couple of responses.  Unfortunately, being the type of person the hubster is, he didn't want to continue to deal with the old man who continued to call and ask more questions about the boat.  Instead of letting me deal with it, the hubster just took the boat off the market and there it sat.  And sat.
 Finally, this week the hubster brought the boat home, cleaned it up, and asked me to put it up for sale. We discussed a price.  He suggested a price about $1000 less than the entire package was worth.  I told him no and that I would compromise and list it for between what he wanted to list it for and what it was worth.  So, I listed it on Craigslist and immediately got more than 20 responses.  I responded to the first person and after the 2nd response and not hearing back from him, I went on to the 2nd person.  This person came to look at the boat early this evening.  The hubster came home and we discussed what to do if there was negotiation.  We settled on giving other people a chance to offer what we listed the boat for and go with the best offer.  Gee, there were a lot of people interested in the boat.  Perhaps it was because I already had it listed fairly cheaply.  Okay, so the hubster agreed that we would go with the best offer after giving other responders a chance to look at it.  Well, after some time outside with the man who came to look at it, the hubster came in and stated that he sold the boat for $1600.  $1600!!  At least $1000 below what the entire deal was worth.  I am beyond angry as we had explicitly discussed how we were going to handle negotiations.   This is just one reason I get so frustrated and upset.  The man has severe ADD and refuses to do anything about it. 
So, the next thing up for sale is my SUV.  It is a 2002 Toyota 4-Runner and it just turned 100,000 miles.  It's been a great vehicle but with the boat being sold, it is no longer needed.  So, who wants to steal this deal?  I'm sure the hubster will be glad to give somebody the opportunity of the deal of their lifetime. 

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