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Monday, May 28, 2012

RIP Baby Bird

Jackie and Ben received another life and death lesson today.  We have a nest that is attached to the side of our small porch.  Every Spring and Summer, what appears to be barn swallows take up residence and lay eggs.  This is something I enjoy watching although the hubster is less than thrilled, mostly for all the bird crap that lands on the porch. 
This Spring is no exception.  However, this time the parent birds have been a little more vocal and more protective of the nest.  We pretty much have to take cover anytime we want to go out our front door.  The other day when the parents took a break from the nest, I grabbed a mirror so I can see how many babies were in the nest.  I was surprised to see more than 4 babies as in the past, there was normally no more than 3 eggs or babies at one time.  The nest was  packed to the brim. Literally. 

Today, just a little while ago, the kids came running in to tell me that a baby bird was on the ground.  I ran outside and right there on the sidewalk was indeed a baby bird.  Using a paper towel, I immediately picked it up to check for any sign of life.  Unfortunately, this was the end for this baby.  During this, the kids were watching and started asking questions.  Jackie asked what happened to the him.  I didn't have an answer for her except that perhaps the wind somehow knocked him out of the nest.  He was clearly too young to even try to fly the coop. 
So, I carefully wrapped the baby up in the paper towel and walked into the garage to get a shovel.  As the hubster will tell you, I am goofy and I cannot just toss a dead animal away (well, creepy crawlies are exempted).  As I was trying to find a place that was soft enough for me to dig into, Jackie asked me if I checked to see if there was ANY kind of movement.  I could hear the concern in her voice and when I looked down at her, she had tears in eyes.  Aww, my baby girl has such a compassionate heart.  I reassured her that, yes, this baby was no longer alive.  She asked where he went so I just told her that he went to heaven.  I embraced Jackie as she buried her face into me.  My mommy heart ached for her and in fact, I nearly shed tears myself.  I just love my girl so much and I sure do hope she will continue to have such a tender heart for not only animals but for people, too. 

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