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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Out Of the Mouths Of Babes Part ?

As usual, my kids seem to come up with the funniest expressions.  Even at times when they make me unhappy with their behavior.
Last night, dinner consisted of turkey breast cooked in the crock pot, red-skin mashed potatoes, and artisan rolls.  I should explain that I do not force my children to eat foods that I know they do not like.  But, if I know they have a history of liking a certain food and then refuse to eat it, well then, that's a different story.  And my kids know the rule of no ice-cream until they eat all or most of their dinner.  So, last night, Ben was resisting eating his potatoes.  He tried to be sneaky and throw them in the trash can. Of course, he got another serving put on his plate.  A few moments later, everyone else had finished eating and I was cleaning up the kitchen when Ben called out to me to show me his plate.  From a short distance, it looked as if Ben had eaten his potatoes.  I told him to bring his plate to the sink but as he was doing so, I noticed something. Something that I admit to doing myself during my childhood.  Ben had spread his potatoes around in an attempt to make it look like he ate some of the potatoes.  He also had stirred some into his cup of water.  Being the mean mommy I am, I told Ben to open his mouth and I started to spoon the potatoes into his mouth.  The first spoonful promptly landed on the tile floor.  Of course it was intentional.  And thank God for dogs as one of     them came to the rescue to do kitchen floor duty.  So, I spooned another dollop into Ben's mouth.  He refused to swallow and kept trying to whine with a mouthful of potatoes.  I told Ben to get a clean cup of water and wash the potatoes down with the water.  He took the cup up to his lips but not like a normal little boy would do.  No, he thought it would be so cool to hold his head down over the cup of water and hold it there.  I knew what he was doing, though, and when I asked, he shook his head in denial.  I took the cup from Ben and sure enough, there was the dollop of potatoes in the cup of water.  Yes, gross!  I looked at Ben and told him that was naughty and that he would not be getting ice-cream.  Being the charming little boy that he is, Ben sort of grinned, looked around him, and then ever so gingerly put his finger up to his lips and said "ssshhhhh".  I tried so hard to keep a straight and stern-looking face.  And Ben knew it.  So did Jackie as she started to giggle, too.  I just could not keep the laughter inside. 
Today, I picked up the kids after school so we could go to Jackie's physical therapy appointment.  The kids' behavior was less than stellar (as usual) in the car.  About halfway during our drive to the appointment, Jackie let one rip (hopefully, you get my drift).  I mean, it was loud.  And long.  And wicked.  Jackie giggled.  I rolled my eyes.  And Ben?  Well, he looked over at Jackie and asked "You feel better, Dackie?"  (yes, that's how Ben pronounces Jackie's name).  I couldn't help but laugh.  Again.  My children know how to get me almost every time I become annoyed with them. 
And that's one thing I love about being a mom to my kids. 

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