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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Son In Underwear and More

 I bet that got your attention!
I have recently been following my blog's stats and I find it somewhat amusing and sometimes a little disturbing to discover how random readers happen upon my blog. 
Some recent key search words and/or phrases that brought people to my blog include:
flaming baseballs
son in underwear
little girl external genitalia
genital abrasions
cerebral palsy awareness month
puppies for sale
shin splints vitamin d deficiency
little boy wanted to buy a puppy

I know the searches for puppies for sale and little boy wanted to buy a puppy more than likely resulted from this post.
The search for art, leotards, and cp can be found throughout my blog. My daughter has CP, she wears leotards at gymnastics, and she is very artistic. 
March is cerebral palsy awareness month which I have written about here, here, here, and here.
The search for Son in underwear and little girl external genitalia have me a little concerned but I can only hope that they were innocent searches.  I'm fairly certain flaming baseball and I have to assume son in underwear searches led the readers to this blog post:
I will also assume the search for little girl external genitalia and the search for genital abrasions led the readers to this post:


Liz said...

I was disturbed when I first read about the genitalia thing, too. Yikes! It is really interesting what people search for! Have you also tried Google Analytics in addition to Blogger? That gets even more wild with more and more details about people's behavior in relation to your site. It's really interesting what people click on and search for!!! I didn't even think of the name of my blog being something dirty until I saw some of the things people were searching for when they stumbled on my blog!

Samantha said...

How do I do Google Analytic?

Grassys said...

I like the underwear!