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Sunday, February 5, 2012

I'm Special

At least, that's what my daughter thinks today.  We'll see what she says tomorrow.  But her sweet comment today sure made me feel good.  I love her so much.  Sass and all.  I asked Jackie why she thinks I'm special today.  She said it's because God made me special.  Hmm.  Well, I think my Jackie is pretty special, too. 
Ben has been telling me a lot, lately, that I'm nice. "You nice, Mommy" he says. 
Speaking of Ben, today he pointed to my chest(more like patted my, um, breast) and asked "what is that".  (By the way, I was fully clothed).  Being that he's just 4 years old, at first I wasn't too sure how to answer him.  After thinking for a brief moment, I just flat out told him that it is called a breast.  "Bwest?" Yes, Ben.  Then he proceeded to lift up his shirt and point to his little nipple and asked "bwest?".  Um, no, boys have chests.  Ben's curiosity today made me realize that Jackie, at age 7, still has not asked questions about body parts, where babies come from, etc.  I'm not sure if I should be concerned or just let it be.  I have, however, explained to her the difference between "bad" touch and "good" touch. 
This is off topic, but I had an incredible time tonight at the annual Zumbathon at our local YMCA.  Three hours worth.  I love hanging with my Zumba friends. 
I have not been blogging much lately but I promise to get back into it soon.  A lot has happened, mostly positive, in the last couple of months with more positive things to come.   I promise to update my bloggy friends soon. 

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