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Sunday, February 26, 2012

I Will Honor Thy Father and Mother

Both of the kids have been very challenging lately.  Especially Jackie with her sassy attitude.  As most of my friends know (or perhaps not), Jackie has been the ultimate drama queen from the moment she was born.  So, it's no surprise that she is becoming the ultimate queen of sass lately.  Sometimes, I get very frustrated with her and other times I do a fairly good job of ignoring her or talking calmly to her.  But then there is the rare occasional moment when I find her drama to be quite humorous.
For example, this past Friday, Jackie was whiny and just downright sassy from the moment she walked in the door from school.  She didn't like what I was cooking for dinner,  she didn't want to clean up her room, she didn't want to put her coat and shoes in her room, and on and on.  I asked Jackie what happened at school to make her so moody.  "Nothing!" she said.  When dinner was ready, both of the kids started to fight over who was going to hold my hand v. Daddy's hand for the blessing.  Nothing was working out to make Jackie happy this night.  She continued to whine during dinnertime.  She demanded that I give her a drink.  "Well, little miss, you can get it yourself because you know where the cups are and you can easily dispense the water from the refrigerator."  Of course, this only agitated Jackie even more.  Jackie just kept on until Tim and I told her to go to her room.  Jackie refused and continued to whine and cry and began to do an annoying thing with her plate.  Then Tim took away Jackie's plate and told her to stop crying and go to her room.  Jackie started to scream that she was hungry and that she wanted her plate back. Tim just picked up Jackie and put her in her room.  Jackie slammed her door behind her and started to scream at the top of her lungs.  Then suddenly, her door flung open, Jackie stepped out, then started to scream "I want my plate.  Give me my plate.  I'm hungry", a scream unlike what I've ever heard from her before.  For some reason, I found this to be funny and just started to laugh. Then Tim started laughing and then Ben joined in.  This only made Jackie more angry and she slammed the door again.  Hard. Then she stepped out again and began screaming.  Again.  At the top of her lungs.  I looked at Tim and told him that I'm getting my own apartment before Jackie starts into puberty.
We just calmly told Jackie that as soon as she stops her crying and screaming, then she can come join us and get her plate back.  Within a few moments, Jackie did stop crying enough to get her plate back.  But whew!  I do NOT look forward to her adolescent years.  Even my own mother says I wasn't that bad.  Folks, I'm going to needs lots, LOTS, of prayers in the coming years.
I won't even go into how Jackie helped to make my birthday weekend one of the worst weekends ever.  I mean the ENTIRE weekend, Friday through Sunday.   Happy Birthday to me!
As I said, the kids' behavior has been very challenging lately and today was no exception.  I was gone for most of the day as I attended my very first Zumba Jam session where I went to learn several new routines to add to my repertoire for my future Zumba classes.  Tim was left on his own to manage the kids.  I had faith in him, though, that he could manage on his own.  And you know what?  He did a fine job.  It seems that even in my absence, the kids just cannot seem to behave for even one morning or afternoon.  Both of the kids got in trouble before they even left church.  Jackie, being the sassy girl that she has become lately, declared loudly (in church!) that she was not going to stand up along with everyone else if she doesn't feel like it.  Ow!  Good thing I wasn't there.  Then after church was dismissed, Tim went to get Ben out of his class.  He was told to help pick up the toys but Ben refused to help.  So, he got in trouble, too.  Tim sent both kids into their rooms as soon as they arrived home.  Apparently, Jackie cried for nearly the entire 2 hours that she was confined to her room.  Ben, however, was able to get early release since he took the discipline in such a manly manner.  (Way to go, Ben!  Why can't you do that for me?)  Anyway, when Jackie finally was released, she was ordered by her daddy to write a page full of sentences stating "I will honor thy father and mother."  Notice the hearts and smiley faces. When I came home to discover this, I could not help but nearly roll over in laughter.  I'm so proud of Tim for the way he handled this very difficult day.  Now I just have a huge mess to clean up.  Nah, I'll just close all the doors and shove the rest in closets and deal with it another day.
 I found this almost as humorous as the card that Jackie made me last year declaring that she loves me but... not everyday.  Here it is:

As you can see, I have a very talented little diva on my hands.



Christine said...

Hi Samantha,
Thank you for your kind coment. For whatever reason I never got your email about the decals. Would you please email me at and put decal in the subject? I still have all 4 decals so the choice is wide open! Thank you!

Samantha said...

Hi Christine,
Thanks for leaving a comment. I just emailed you at Let me know if you don't get that one.