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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Wise, Funny (and Gullible!) Girl

Jackie never seizes to make me laugh and shake my head in amazement.  As much as she can drive me insane from her incessant whining, she can also be quite entertaining with her funny antics. 
Tonight was no exception.  Before I got dinner served, Jackie came out of my bedroom with some change in her hand, proclaiming that she found money on the bed.  She told her Daddy that she was going to keep it.  I told her that it was not hers and to put it back.  When Jackie asked me why, I simply told her that she needed to earn her own money.  Then Jackie asked "but why" and then said "it's still going to be in our house."  In other words, she thinks that whatever is mine or daddy's is also hers.  I just love the way she rationalizes at times.
That reminded me of a story from when my nephew was only about 3 or 4 years old.  I had called my parents' home one day and my nephew, Lee, answered the phone.  I asked him if his Grandma was home to which he replied, "No, she went to the bank."  He was at the house with Poppy.  So I told Lee to tell his grandma to call me when she gets home.  He told me to call her at the bank.  I told Lee that I couldn't do that because I didn't know which bank she was at.  Then Lee, with an exasperated voice, said "Aunt Sammy, she's at the one with money!"  Even though my nephew is now all grown up, I still chuckle at the memory. 
Now before I tell the story of my gullible Jackie, let me explain that I love my little girl with all my heart and would never do anything to intentionally hurt her.  So tonight, just as I was getting ready to go to my Zumba class, I heard Jackie start to scream and moan.  I went into the living room and Jackie was on the couch, with her head buried in the corner of the couch.  I asked what was wrong and Jackie looked up and was rubbing hard at her eyes.  They looked red and I couldn't understand what Jackie was trying to say because she was so upset and obviously in discomfort.  I finally figured out that while she was playing with her hair accessories, she accidentally sprayed hair spray into her eyes.  I quickly told her to go into the bathroom with me so I can flush her eyes out.  Now Jackie started to wail, I mean a gut-wrenching wail.  I initially thought that she must really be in extreme pain. And she was not following me to the bathroom.  I picked her up and as I set her down in the bathroom, she was still quite hysterical.  I grabbed a cup of lukewarm water to wash Jackie's eyes.  Then I told Jackie to sit on the edge of the bathtub and hold her head back.  She complied and her wails decreased to a whimper as I started to slowly pour the warm water over Jackie's eyes.  After that, I sat Jackie down on top of the toilet and gave her a dry cloth to dry her face and eye area.  By this time, Jackie was much more calm.  She then looked at me and said that she was scared.  Poor thing!  During that entire ordeal, when I thought she was in extreme pain, she was actually believing that her eyes were literally going to be flushed out and that she was going to go blind.  As terrible as that made me feel, I couldn't help but burst with laughter at the horror Jackie must have felt thinking that she was going to lose her eyes.  I'm such a bad mommy because I am still laughing over this. 
I came home from Zumba tonight to a very upset Jackie and an agitated husband.  What now?  When Jackie brushed her teeth tonight, she lost her 7th tooth and now it was missing. She was so afraid that she was going to miss out on a prize. It was well past bedtime but Jackie was so determined that the tooth had to be found.  Right now.  Tim was agitated because he couldn't find the tooth and no matter his reassurances, Jackie kept getting out of bed to go look for that tooth.  So, I went into rescue mode and immediately found the tooth behind the toilet.  Jackie just had a rough night between the eye trauma and the tooth drama.  And I came home in time to bring peace to the household once more. 
Jackie reminds me too much of myself.  That's scary.  But now I understand why people got such kicks out of my reactions.  Because I find myself nearly wetting my pants from laughing so hard at some of Jackie's reactions.  Another example of Jackie's naivete happened several weeks ago.  And it involved the eyes again.  This time, Jackie was playing and she somehow poked herself in the eye.  Jackie whined a little bit and complained about it hurting.  I tried to reassure Jackie that the eyeball is quite sensitive but that it will feel normal again soon. Well, Jackie continued to whine about it so I told her to come over so I can look at it.  Now, I admit, that I was having a bit of a bad fun mommy moment.  When Jackie came over, I immediately gasped and before I could even tell Jackie that her eye was hanging out, Jackie started to scream and wail.  All I did was gasp.  The fear on her face immediately made me feel guilty so I grabbed her and held her close and told that her eye was okay.  That I was just playing with her.  Ah, poor Jackie.  I really do love her so much.  Unfortunately, she is just too much like me at that age.  And being the bad mom that I am, I still can't help but laugh at the memory of that moment. 

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