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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lucy's CCL

Lucy, aka Dumb Dog,  has a torn CCL.  In humans, that would be the ACL.  I noticed Wednesday evening, after Lucy came from outside, that she was not putting any weight on her hind left leg.  When Tim came home, I told him about it.  Tim figured that Lucy must have hurt her leg while chasing Dugan, my 12-pound mini-Aussie.  Dugan is an incredibly fast runner and Lucy tries her best to keep up with him.  So, we decided to observe for the next couple of days.  Lucy didn't seem to be in pain, even when I squeezed and pulled around that area.  But by Friday, Lucy still was not putting weight on that leg.  I called the veterinarian who was able to see Lucy right away.  The vet felt around Lucy's leg and knee. He compared how it felt to the opposing leg, too.  He asked about Lucy's activities.  Lucy was such a  trooper through it all and didn't even yelp in pain.  Finally, the vet determined that Lucy tore her CCL.  He went on to explain the different treatment options available, all of which are surgical.  There is just one vet in that office who does the suture surgery, which is the least expensive and typically for less involved CCL injuries.  The vet is going to talk to this other vet/surgeon to get his opinion if this treatment would be adequate for Lucy.  Otherwise, Lucy will need to go to a specialist and possibly undergo a more expensive surgery.
Poor Lucy, as healthy as she is, is a bit accident prone.  She suffered a punctured eye injury in March of last year.  After being on 3 different medications and having to wear an E-collar, Lucy's eye was saved, although it has shrunk a bit over this past year.  Needless to say, Lucy looks a little sad.  So now, she is has this scary looking eye and she is hobbling around on 3 legs.  Lucy is a sight to behold now.  On top of that, the neighbors down the street must think this is one unloved dog after they spotted her wearing her "bad dog" t-shirt.  She is, after all, a misfit.  But she's a lovable one.  And she thinks everyone, including fellow canines, is her friend.
After having a spate of out-of-pocket medical expenses in these last 3 months, I've been trying to think of ways to help us fund Lucy's surgery. I'm going to try to take on more substitute teaching jobs now that I've been able to move some of Jackie's therapy appointments.  And I'm going to make and sell holiday baskets.  So, if any of my local friends would like to help me fund my lovable misfit dog's surgery, please consider buying a holiday basket from me.  I also have inventory left over from a jewelry business.  If you're interested in looking at some of that, please let me know. 
Here is a picture of some of the baskets that I made for my kids' teachers last year:

Here is Lucy:

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