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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What Am I Teaching Her?

Or is my daughter just a little clone of me? 
Jackie has been on a roll lately. Tonight, during the kids' bedtime ritual, Jackie said her prayer first.  Then it was Ben's turn.  At first, he didn't say anything so when I said, "Ok, then it's time for bed", Ben decided he was going to pray after all. But again, he stalled.  During this time, Jackie and I were sort of snuggling together.  But, when I tried to look at Ben to see why he still wasn't saying his prayer, I heard Jackie quietly telling me, "just ignore him, don't look at him, don't say anything to him, just ignore him."  It was very difficult to stifle the laughter.  She sounds just a little too much like me when I'm trying to encourage (and of course, telling her to ignore him, don't say anything to him, don't look at him)  Jackie to just ignore her brother when he tries to antagonize her.
I realize that so many people (well, just about everyone) think Jackie looks exactly like me (I disagree), but dear Lord, please help me to raise her to NOT be like me.  My prayer is that she will be a MUCH better person than I'll EVER be.

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