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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Shameless Brag

Jackie has always been a good student.  In preschool, her teachers would tell me that Jackie is a smart little girl.  She is also very gifted in the arts.  Of course, I am a proud mom, especially knowing how much Jackie has been through in her short life, so far.  Early on, Jackie's neurologist gently warned me about the potential for learning disabilities, even though it was evident that Jackie was smart.  All I could do was pray that Jackie would not have to struggle with learning.  Learning always came easy for me and I had difficulty understanding the possibility of Jackie having learning disabilities.  But thankfully, with Early Intervention treatment and then the Early Childhood program, Jackie seemed to excel.  Jackie did so well and her speech improved to the point where I felt comfortable enrolling Jackie in a private preschool program the year before she started Kindergarten.  It was at this preschool that I realized Jackie's aptitude for art.  I was amazed at some of the drawings and paintings that Jackie would bring home.  She truly does have a gift in music and art.
During Jackie's Kindergarten year, Jackie continued to excel.  Jackie resumed going to speech therapy to "clean" up some lingering issues.  It was during this time that I noticed a few minor issues and I couldn't help but worry about the potential of them becoming major issues.  In fact, one of the areas Jackie went to speech therapy for was to work on comprehension and paying attention to directions.  Still, Jackie continued to receive high marks in class.  
This year in 1st grade, the first few weeks were mostly just review.  Jackie complained about how easy the work was and I began to worry that she would soon become bored and start to slide downhill.  But thankfully, Jackie's teacher started to expand to other learning areas.  Jackie has homework sent home nearly everyday.  It usually takes Jackie around 10 minutes to finish it. But lately, I've been getting frustrated because Jackie started to make mistakes with her homework.  I realize now it is because she's in a hurry and not paying attention to the instructions.  Any fleeting thoughts of homeschooling in the near future have thoroughly been tossed out the window.  Jackie responds so much better to other teachers as evidenced by the work she brings home.  She has made all As, so far. 
This past Friday, I was asked to substitute for another teacher at Jackie's school. The classroom where I was to sub was right across the hall from Jackie's class.  Jackie was disappointed that I wasn't subbing in her class.  Me?  Not so much.  Unless it's an emergency, I won't be a substitute teacher in Jackie's class.  Today's substitute teachers actually teach, not babysit and I just know Jackie will not like me very much if I had to teach her in the classroom. 
During a break while all the first graders were at their "specials", I went over to Jackie's class to talk to her teacher. I found out that Jackie made 100% on that day's spelling test, which I was not surprised about.  Jackie's teacher agreed with how smart Jackie is.  In fact, Mrs. W said that if she was allowed to rate her students, Jackie would be at the top.  That made me feel so proud of Jackie.  And it was a sign to me that Jackie is on the right track and that she may not end up experiencing learning difficulties, thanks so much to Early Intervention and Early Childhood.  

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Yay Jackie!!!!
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