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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Oh Happy Day

Oh what a happy day, when Jesus washed my sins away.  Remember that song?  Well, it's a good thing I do because I need Jesus to wash my sins away after the day I had today. Gah!  Frustrating!
Last evening, Ben's eyes suddenly started to become swollen.  Then they started weeping.  Then Ben started to cry and complain of a headache.  I doctored him up with tylenol and allergy eye drops.  The tylenol seemed to help Ben until he woke up crying again before midnight.  I gave Ben some more tylenol and put more drops in his eyes.  He kept crying that he wanted to sleep with his daddy.  After having slept on the couch with my foot elevated for the last several nights, I had planned on relocating back to my own bed.  But alas, my baby boy needed his daddy so I gave up my spot.  Again.
I woke up before 6:30 this morning just so that I could place a call to the appointment line at the base pediatric clinic (which opens at 6:30).  Finally after being on hold for nearly a half hour, I was told that there were no more acute appointments available for today.  Great!  I called as soon as the lines opened and I still was turned away.  This has happened the last couple of times that I have tried to make acute appointments for the kids.  I was told that I needed to go to either the local urgent care or the emergency room.  I refused a referral to the urgent care clinic because the minimum I or my kids have waited has been 3 hours. And that was just to go to triage.  So, it was off to the ER.  When I walked into the ER with Ben, we were quite the pair, Ben having purple eyes and I limping in with my foot in a huge boot.  Needless to say, the staff were initially confused about who the patient is.  Thankfully, we did not have to wait very long before we were called into an exam room.  A little while after vitals were taken, a very nice doctor came and examined Ben.   Ben was smitten with her.  She looked at his eyes and in his ears.  Apparently there is some kind of mold or pollen that has been causing problems with the kids.  I can't remember the name of it.  It makes sense because earlier this week, Jackie had a very mild allergy attack that affected her eyes, too. Ben also has a bit of an ear infection. Even as pathetic as Ben looked with his alien-looking eyes, everyone thought he was so cute.  The doctor sent us on our way with prescription for eye drops and oral antibiotic.  The doctor recommended that we wait to see how Ben does with the eye drops before we start him on the antibiotic.  I agree as I am not one for seeking treatment for mild ear infections. 
After Ben and I left the ER, we went to the base pharmacy to get the prescriptions filled.  I also had my prescription with me to get an anti-inflammatory cream for my left heel.  The pharmacy was quite busy and I had to wait a little longer than usual after I got our line number.  Finally, our number was called and I handed our prescriptions to the clerk.  When the clerk handed me the information sheet for my prescription, I realized that it was not for the cream. It was a prescription for pain medication.  I asked the clerk to cancel it as I already had pain medication at home.  I didn't care much for the orthopedic doctor I saw on Tuesday and now I'm even more disappointed.  I remember the doctor explaining how this cream works and how often I can use it on my left heel and he warned me not to take too much of the oral pain/anti-inflammatory medication that I already had whenever I use the cream.  So, apparently, the doctor was not paying much attention when he handed me my prescription.  And I should have double checked the script.  The clerk then entered Ben's prescriptions.  Then he informed me that this pharmacy did not have the right eye drops for Ben, not even a substitute.  Gah!  Just my luck.  I left the antibiotic prescription to be filled and left to go to Walmart. Thankfully, Walmart was able to fill the prescription for the eye drops. 
Being that Ben looked a bit scary, I wasn't sure if I should send him to school in the afternoon.  He felt and acted like his normal self.  Physically, I think he could have attended but I didn't want to make any of the other parents paranoid.  So, I ultimately decided to keep Ben out of class today.  Ben was so disappointed.  I was, too, as I had a lunch date, the first one in awhile.  I was really looking forward to some adult time since I've missed out on my gym times. I thought about calling Ben's regular daytime babysitter but I didn't want her to worry about Ben spreading anything to the other kids, even though Ben was fine.  So, I called and emailed a friend but never got a response. I tried to call Ben's teacher but the call wasn't going through.  I decided to just go by the school to let Ben's teacher know that he wouldn't be in class today.
Since I had nothing else to do, I decided to just go ahead and take care of getting my temporary handicap tag. I dread going to the DMV as you will see why next.
As soon as I pulled up to the parking lot, I knew I was in for a wait but I didn't realize just how long until I received my line number. I waited.  And waited.  And I waited even longer.  After more than an hour, I even called another DMV office 45 minutes away from here and was told that there was no wait at that moment.   The Belleville DMV, I don't have kind words to describe that place.  After today, I vow to never step foot inside that place again.  It is always my experience that the employees are unhappy (rude) and they waste customers' time by chit chatting between customers. And I'm not talking about just a few words being exchanged.  I'm talking about these people sitting there in their chairs carrying on long conversation about whatever.  Or they will sit there in their chairs and wait 10-15 minutes before they decide that they should probably wait on the next customer.  And they are SLOW, like intentional SLOW, when they fill out paperwork or sign off on something.  I hate that place.  And, the WEIRD really comes out there.  I'm not sure which is worse, Walmart or the DMV.  For instance, Ben and I were sitting in front of a couple of young mothers with their very young infants.  A dad and a grandmother were among the mix.  The two young moms were strangers but started to talk about their new little ones (birth date, measurements,etc.) Then the mom of the baby girl asked the other mom if she circumcised her baby.  No whisper, nothing.  Just normal conversational voice.  Almost as if she was asking what color eyes.  Weird.  Actually, beyond weird.  I'm fine when friends talk about that stuff but to outright ask a perfect stranger such a personal question is just bizarre.  Well, the other mom said "yeah, and he didn't like it one bit." 
Ben gave me a break today and was pretty good there so I didn't turn into the quintessential Walmart mom.  Whew!  Thank you, Lord.  I definitely didn't want to add to the weird mix there.
Weird things happen at that place ALL the time.  I'll never forget the time when this lady (actually not sure about that) came in strutting her stuff, in front so all could see, wearing some sort of pink outfit.  She was wearing very high heels and black fishnet stockings, too.  The skirt of this outfit was so short that it literally came up to the butt line. LITERALLY.  No lie!  I recently told about this to a friend and she didn't believe me because it just sounded so outrageous. But outrageous it was.  I mean, even the people sitting next to me sat there with their jaws almost hanging.  We all sort of looked at each other and none of us spoke words.  Just a few raised brows.  People! The weird seriously comes out at that place. 
After I finished filling out my forms, I had to change seats and I unfortunately ended up sitting next to a little bit smelly person.  Finally, after nearly 2 hours, my number was called.  I actually ended up with a nice guy. He asked how my day was going and I honestly told him that I was aggravated.  He asked if somebody was messing around with me and my son. Nope, it was just from being around weird people and having to wait for nearly 2 hours amidst the weirdness.  And my feet were hurting. He apologized.  That's the first apology I've ever received from a DMV employee.  But still, I will never set foot inside that place again.  I will gladly make the 45 minute drive to another DMV office where the employees actually work and get the people out in a timely manner.  At least, that's what I've been told about that particular location. 
Illinois is in such terrible financial shape.  There are many reasons for that. I have my opinions about how restructuring school districts can help improve that.  But that's beside the point.  I think the state ought to take a good look at the Belleville DMV and they will see our tax dollars hard at waste.  Wasted to pay employees who roll their eyes at customers, who watch customers continue to wait unnecessarily long times, who carry on conversations in between customers.  I'm always amazed at the number of employees and the amount of time wasted by those employees just standing or sitting around.  It's just plain ridiculous. 
And I hope Jesus forgives me for the words that formed in my brain and at my lips after such a frustrating day.  Oh Happy Day cometh tomorrow.  Hopefully. 

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