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Monday, September 12, 2011


I heard about MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) several years ago when Jackie was a baby.  I never got involved with it except for one year when I helped out in one of the toddler classes.  The meetings took place every other Monday during the school year. I can't tell you why I never got directly involved with MOPS.  Perhaps it was because I was still in my own fog of depression after a year of post-partum depression and dealing with a special needs baby who also happened to be very colicky. Looking back, that was probably the time that I most needed to get involved.  I think I had a difficult time being around women who seemed to have it all together and whose children were perfect. 
Yesterday, my neighbor invited me to check out the MOPS group at her church which happens to be located right next to our subdivision.  I told her I would come to the next meeting to check it out.  That next meeting just so happened to be this morning.  So, after I got Jackie off to school, I got Ben and me ready to go to MOPS.  Unfortunately, we ran a few minutes behind and we ended up getting there 20 minutes late.  I was sort of relieved that the meeting had not yet started.  A lady showed me where Ben's class was meeting. I got him signed in despite Ben's protests.  I should have taken this as my first sign as Ben usually does not protest getting the opportunity to play with other kids.  I went to the room where the other mothers were at.  I looked around and most of the tables were already full.  Many of the other mothers looked up at me as if they were questioning who I was.  But nobody welcomed me in.  They just watched as I limped around looking for a seat.  I felt quite uncomfortable.  Was it my boot on my fractured foot?  Was it my lack of style?  Did I stink?  Who knows what was going on in those women's minds.   I found my neighbor and let her know that I was there. And I recognized another mom from the speech therapy center.  I quickly scanned around for an available seat. Since it was quite full in that room and nobody seemed willing to help me, I just left the room. I went into the hallway for a few moments pondering what I should do.  I finally decided to go get Ben and leave. So that was my 10-minute experience with MOPS.  I didn't feel comfortable right away after we got there anyway and I should have gone with my gut instinct..  So, Ben and I won't be going back.
I've heard that MOPS is a great organization for mothers. And I'm sure it is.   I was sort of looking forward to meeting other moms that I could possibly relate to and possibly even make new friends.  Unfortunately, it just was not a good fit for me and Ben. 

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