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Friday, September 2, 2011

Labor Day?

After I picked up Jackie from school this afternoon, she asked me if there was a holiday on Monday.  I told her, yes, there is.  I then asked her if she knew which holiday it was.  Labor day, she said.  I then asked Jackie if she knew what Labor day was about.  Jackie proceeded to tell me that "they" were talking about it at school.  When I asked Jackie what "they" talked about, she couldn't quite tell me.  So, I told Jackie that Labor Day was all about me.  I could see through the rear-view mirror that Jackie was in deep thought.  I told Jackie that day was to celebrate all the moms who went through labor to have their children.  And I told her that we were going to celebrate "Mommy" on Monday.  I could see Jackie through the rear-view mirror sort of pondering what I just said.  Then:
Jackie: "Well, I wish I could have just a sister.  Not a mean brother.  Put him back." 
Ben:  A resounding, throaty "Noooo".  Actually, it was more like a growl. 
They really do love each other.  And yes, I really do know the real reason for Labor Day. 

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