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Monday, September 5, 2011

Holiday World

We had this trip planned for the last month and a half.  It was nearly derailed a week ago when I suffered a fracture in my right foot and bone spurs in my left heel.  I was in extreme discomfort. Tim asked me throughout the last week if we should cancel our weekend trip.  I refused.  I did not want to let my children down, especially Jackie.  Jackie has been looking forward to and talking about playing in the giant water park and riding some of the wild rides in the other park.  She has become my adventurous girl and I love it.  I knew Jackie was very excited about this trip because beginning earlier in the week, she kept bugging me to bring up her suitcase so she could get pack.
Then the weather forecast predicted a blistery hot day for Saturday and scattered storms on Sunday.  Tim and I went back and forth about whether to just make it a one-day trip (it's just 3 hours east of us) or go ahead and keep it a 2-day trip.  Finally, late Friday evening, we decided to just keep our original plans for the 2-day trip.
We arrived at Holiday World on Saturday afternoon after getting a little bit delayed start in the morning.  Jackie couldn't contain herself and immediately told us her plans for which rides to visit.  Heheh, we had to remind her that there were other people in our family to consider.  She was just so excited.  We visited some of the rides in the main park for a couple of hours before we finally ventured over to the water park. I noticed the park seemed to be more crowded than on any of our previous visits, even despite the extreme heat. And full of rude people, too.  One of Ben's favorites in the main park was the bumper boat ride. He could ride that thing all day if he was allowed to.  And this was where I had my first encounter with a rude person.  I was walking (er, hobbling) around to the other side of this ride so I could better see Ben.  I began to go around this man who was talking to another person when this man suddenly started to back-up.  I stopped because I didn't want him to step on my fractured foot. (Even with the boot on, it still hurts when it gets hit or stepped on).  Then I said kindly "excuse me" since this man was obviously clueless that he was starting to back over me.  Well, he whipped around, looked at me, then said sarcastically with an Arab accent and a snarl, "excuuuuse ME!"  I just shook my head, thought "whatever" and "RUDE!", and then walked away.  Any man who is going to force his wife (I'm assuming it was his wife) to wear covering from head to toe (in the extreme heat) doesn't get much respect from me.  You could only see this woman's eyes but I could sense that she kept casting lofty glances toward me.  I did finally sneak a picture of that but out of respect, I won't post on my blog.  Her husband might come after this rude American, anyway.
We finally ventured over to the water park where nearly every square foot was filled with a body.  Since I was limited on which rides I could go on, I hung with Ben in one of the kid pools while Jackie went with her daddy on some of the bigger water rides.  After a little while, Ben and I went to another section where we were to meet up with Jackie and Tim.  As I pulled Ben in the wagon to our next destination, I felt a slight tug on the wagon and when I looked back, this woman had one of her stroller wheels stuck under my wagon.  Then the woman looked at me and shouted at me "EXCUSE YOU!"  I just looked at her and told her, not so sweetly, "Excuse you, I couldn't see behind me" and I continued to hobble along. I was just hobbling along the railing, intentionally trying to stay out of the main traffic.  And this RUDE woman had the nerve to think that I was in control of her mistake when she was the one who was trying to get around me because I wasn't moving fast enough for her.  Whatever.  I just hope that she has a little bit more consideration if one of her family members was ever diagnosed with 2 lame feet.  But, I was not about to let rude people spoil the fun for my children.  Ben and I finally found Jackie and Tim at one of other kid water areas.  Ben ran to his dad while I took the boot off of my foot.  As I hobbled along the water's edge to catch up with Tim, I noticed this young woman walking toward my direction starting to veer into my path.  I tried to move out of the way but with my feet problems, I was not able to move quick enough and she bumped hard into me.  I stopped for a moment because I nearly lost my balance.  The young woman did say "excuse me" sweetly but I guess when I stopped to regain my balance, I must have intimidated her because then she said "but you ran into me, too!"  I just said "it's okay" and hobbled on.  I was ready to go at this point.  But my kids were having so much fun and it made me so happy to see my kids having so much fun.  I just wished that I was able to run around and have fun with them.
After spending about 4 hours in the water park, we finally convinced Jackie that it was time to go see some of the other stuff in the other park.  Whew! I was ready to get out of that water park.  Just way too many people for me to deal with right now.  The main park was crowded, too, but it was bit more tolerable than the water park.  And not nearly as many rude people.  However, I was a bit uncomfortable with so many people gawking at my boot.  I know it's not pretty.  I think even my kids and husband are embarrassed by it.  I know I am.  But then a few others commiserated with me.
The next day at the park, we were greeted by severe weather.  After the lightning passed over, most of the rides re-opened, even despite the rain.  Thankfully, the park handed out rain ponchos (or you can buy a better one at one of their shops).  The rain continued off and on until afternoon with the occasional rain drop/drizzle until evening.  But the kids enjoyed the rides and Jackie, being my adventurous girl, went on some of the bigger rides with her dad.  I can't believe that my little girl is tall enough for nearly all of the adult rides now at Holiday World.  But as skinny as she is, Tim and I couldn't help but chuckle about our fear of Jackie just slipping right through some of the security harnesses/belts.  The only rides that Jackie was not able to ride with her dad were the big roller coaster, Pilgrim's Plunge, the tower ride, and the big swings.  I have to admit that I do feel a bit anxious whenever Jackie rides on one of the bigger rides.  But, I am not going to let my fear hold Jackie back.
All in all, it was a nice weekend for us as a family (even despite Ben's unwillingness at times to cooperate) but we will make sure to avoid such a busy holiday weekend next time.
I highly recommend Holiday World to all my friends, preferably during a weekday. And especially if  you take children.  Entrance is fairly affordable, especially compared to other amusement parks,parking is free.  The park also provides free sunscreen and free soft drinks throughout the park. The kid rides are spread throughout the park, not just in one section.  Very family-oriented, it is clean, safe, alcohol-free, and most importantly, it is smoke-free (there are a couple of out-of-the-way smoking areas).  The park usually doesn't tolerate offensive clothing or language.  I say "usually" only because I couldn't help but raise my eyebrows at some of the clothing choices.  I mean, one lady had this swimsuit on which made me wonder why she even bothered to put anything on.  It was that bad.  And this boy, who couldn't be more than 5 years old and weighing at least 120 pounds, wearing swim trunks that kept creeping down to show half of his butt crack and his belly hanging quite a bit over.  The swim suit was obviously too small.  Seeing that boy makes me appreciate the effort I put into trying to teach my kids healthier eating habits.
This was our third year of visiting the park and we have enjoyed it every time.  And Jackie is already talking about going again next year.  Hopefully, I'll have stronger-than-ever feet by then and we won't encounter so many rude people then. I love watching my kids having so much fun and I love it even more when I can fully join in the fun.

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