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Friday, September 16, 2011

Eye Rolls For Pat Robertson

Here it is, nearly 2 days later, and I am still quite bothered by a statement made by the infamous Pat Robertson.  He believes divorce is okay in the case of one spouse having Alzheimer's disease.  Whatever happened to the "better or for worse"?  Divorce is already rampant enough and now this quack of an evangelist is advocating divorce because of an incurable disease.  In case you missed it, here is a link.  Just unbelievable.  Reprehensible. Hypocritical.  So a person suffering from Alzheimer's is just as much as dead in Robertson's eyes.  I find this man disturbing on so many levels.  Robertson professes to be such a strong christian.  I'm trying to live a christian life but this man almost makes me feel ashamed to even profess that.  I will say that that supposed christian man does not speak for me.  
My grandmother died nearly a year ago.  She suffered from Alzheimer's disease.  I resent the idea that Robertson is saying that my grandmother was already "kind of" dead.  So disturbing.  My grandmother was alive until she took her very last breath.  I'm pretty sure Robertson will be advocating euthanasia next.  Let's get rid of all the Alzheimer's patients by euthanizing them.  Let's free up the healthy spouses so they can move on with their lives.  After all, we're such a throw-away society for imperfect humans, anyway. 
Pat Robertson came up with his crazy idea for divorce in response to a question regarding a man who began seeing somebody else after his wife began to suffer from Alzheimer's disease.  Instead of advocating divorce on Biblical grounds because of infidelity, Robertson responded that the man should divorce his wife and start all over again because the wife is already pretty much dead. I want to know where in the Bible does it state that Alzheimer's disease is the same as death.  But we've got to give the quack credit for making sure that he reminded the caller to make sure that somebody is taking care of the wife with Alzheimer's disease.  Now this part really makes no sense. On the one hand, Robertson is saying that Alzheimer's is a kind of death but on the other hand, he is making it clear that custodial care for the "kind of dead" wife should be set in place.  Uh oh, my wheels are turning again.  Is there such a thing as a "kind of death"?  I thought one could either be dead or alive.  In my opinion, you are alive until you take your heart stops beating and you take your very last breath.  I mean, we don't bury people unless they really are dead, right?    Like, no heartbeat, no breaths, no brain activity dead, right? At least, that's what I thought death was; cessation of life.
But I've been thinking. In a way, Pat Robertson might be right.  He just gave the wrong answer. (Or maybe, he just doesn't know what he's talking about as indicated by his statement that an ethicist should be consulted in addition)  After all, if a man was already seeing somebody and he is still married to the wife with Alzheimer's disease, then there is biblical grounds for divorce.  Am I right? 
Pat Robertson, you just might be onto something. And you might be even more onto something if you give some of your millions to start a foundation to help take care of the "sort of dead" Alzheimer's patients who will surely be abandoned in droves because of your outlandish comments. 
Okay, now I'm going to get off my soapbox and share a link to a beautifully written commentary on Pat Robertson's comment.  It's a must read.  Here.


Mary Lynne said...

Samantha,I totally agree with you. Marriage is "for better or worse, in sickness and in health, until death do us part". Biblically, the wife could divorce her adulterous husband because HE committed adultery. She hasn't commited adultery so he has no grounds to divorce her. Maybe at one time, P R made some sense, but now I think he may have dementia. It seems he just keeps getting stranger and stranger in his statements.

Samantha said...

Mary Lynne,
I agree with you, too. But if the wife is mentally incapacitated, then is it possible for a close family member to assist her in getting a divorce?
And I agree that Robertson does seem to be more outrageous with his statements in recent years. The thought of dementia has crossed my mind previously.
I was also wondering what his own wife thinks about this.