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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ben II

My son has a new friend.  Ben named him Ben.  Ben II, to be exact.
Yesterday at school, Ben's class made little people.  It was actually sort of a cool idea that the teacher used.  The little people are made out of paper bags and old wallpaper samples. When I picked up Ben from school, he was excited about his boy.  We put the boy in Jackie's booster seat for the ride home.  We forgot to bring the boy inside last night and when we got into the car this morning, Ben immediately noticed his boy and started laughing.  He was so cute. When we arrived at our first destination this morning, Ben grabbed his boy hoping to bring it along.  Uh, no way.  I told Ben that his boy would be much safer in the car.  Can you imagine the sight of us entering through the ER doors?  I mean, here I am with 2 lame feet and limping like a 90-year old, Ben had purple eyes from an allergic reaction, and then there is paper boy.  Thankfully, Ben was convinced that I told him the truth.  I'll just re-educate Ben later about the dangers of leaving little people alone in a car.
When we got home this afternoon, Ben brought his boy inside.  He was so proud of that thing, except that the boy had lost both of his plastic eyes by the time we got home.  I figured Ben would toss paper boy aside shortly and forget about it.  But, as luck would have it, Ben is attached to paper boy now.  He insisted paper boy needed to sleep with him tonight when I tucked him into bed.  And we gave him a name.  I asked Ben what his boy's name is.  Ben said "Ben."  Ben like you?  Ben nodded affirmative.  Ben really likes his name. So, Ben II it is. 

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